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TSA funding airport mind-reading scanners
Amid the media furor over the attempted Christmas Day attacks and a renewed political focus on enhancing airport security, attention is turning to a technological advancement that will have civil rights activists — or, for that matter, anyone with a secret –seriously worried: Mind-reading machines.

Carville: Airport scanners can ‘measure my penis’
Drudge: Big Sis Wants to See Under Your Clothes
Cancer Risks Debated for Type of X-Ray Scan
Airline Group Protests Airport Body Scanners, Australian Says
Before Boarding Plane, Remove All Clothing
EU anti-terror chief favours airport body scanners
‘Drunk Brits’ Spark Heathrow Terror Alert
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Nice Work Creating New Terrorists, You Morons
American civilian and military leaders have been creating new terrorists through their use of torture and killing of innocent civilians- especially children – in Arabic countries.

Barack Obama was Against Health Care Taxes Before he was for Them

Former Obama supporter Lee Stranahan points out the president’s egregious flip-flops on health care.

Opaque by Design

All of Britain covered by snow
Every single newspaper in the UK has published the following satellite image of the UK today – it shows the entire country in glowing white – snow and ice now appears the entire British Isles from John O’ Groats at the Northern tip of Scotland – to Landsend in Cornwall.

Children At Most Risk From Pedophiles In Government
With the Bureau of Justice Statistics now reporting that children are at most risk from pedophiles when in government custody, it's no surprise that TSA "Gods" are licking their lips at the prospect of ogling your naked daughter's body at airport screening checkpoints.

• Now Mobile Devices Will Scan Your Naked Body On The Streets
Mind Reading Machines: The Next Step If We Accept Naked Body Scanners
Israeli Proposes Absurd Mind Reading Technology at Airports
Obama Orders New Security Measures to Foil Future Terror Plots
Trouser-bomb clown attacks – how much should we laugh?

U.S. Job Losses in December Dim Hopes for Quick Upswing
The United States economy lost more jobs than expected in December, tempering hopes for a swift and sustained recovery from the Great Recession.

Europe’s Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Hits 11-Year High

Obama’s Yemeni odyssey targets China
A year ago, Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh made the startling revelation that his country’s security forces apprehended a group of Islamists linked to the Israeli intelligence forces. “A terrorist cell was apprehended and will be referred to the courts for its links with the Israeli intelligence services,” he promised.

Bernanke’s to Blame
It seems that the primary qualification needed by any chairman of the Federal Reserve is the ability to never admit error, no matter how damning the evidence.

“The Federal Government Can’t Deliver the Goods Anymore.”
On Friday, Congressman Paul appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss the tea party movement, his work to continue spreading the message of liberty, and the public’s growing discontent with government.

Saudi warplanes hit N Yemen districts again
Saudi fighter jets have launched another round of aerial bombardment of Houthi positions in northern parts of Yemen along the border with the oil-rich kingdom.

‘US intervention in Yemen could strengthen al-Qaeda’

Immigrants riot in Italy amid racial unrest
Thousands of immigrants protested against racism in a southern Italian town on Friday, after a night of rioting sparked by an attack on African farm workers by a gang of white youths.

Martial Law vs. Christian Responsibility
It is one thing to know something intellectually, and quite another to see it suddenly happen before your eyes.

Danish neocons stage phony terrorist plot
The psychological warfare operations by neo-conservatives, who have Denmark under a virtual occupation government reminiscent of the pro-Nazi government during World War II, to stoke anti-Muslim feelings in Denmark, reached another zenith in the “axe attack” on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Giuliani: ‘We had no domestic attacks under Bush’
The former New York City mayor who has sometimes been mocked for using “a noun, a verb and 9/11? in stump speeches appears to have forgotten — or has mentally reclassified — the worst terrorist attack on American soil. “We had no domestic attacks under Bush,” Rudy Giuliani told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Friday.

Grisly Skull and Bones trophies to be auctioned
Grisly trophies from Yale University’s mysterious Skull and Bones society, whose members include former president George W. Bush, are to go on auction in New York this month.

Britain in grip of coldest winter for 30 years
Britain remained in the grip of the coldest winter for more than 30 years today, with conditions set to feel even more icy in the coming days.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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