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U.S. Customs: Second person handcuffed on Christmas Day was on Flight 253, after all
A spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection now says that a man who was handcuffed and questioned by authorities on Christmas Day was a passenger on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 — just days after saying that person arrived to Detroit aboard a different flight.

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Why Did We Lose Our Rights if the Government Isn’t Even Keeping Us Safe?
Forget that the government’s spying on Americans began before 9/11.

ABC News: Suicide Bomber Who Killed Agents Was a Regular CIA Informant
The base security director, an Afghan named Arghawan, would pick up the informant at the Ghulam Khan border crossing and drive him about two hours into Forward Operating Base Chapman, from where the CIA operates.

Is The U.S. Government Buying Stocks?
As I pointed out in December 2008, Nouriel Roubini wrote the month before that the government might buy U.S. stocks.

Woman loses everything in foreclosure flub

Britain facing one of the coldest winters in 100 years, experts predict
Britain is bracing itself for one of the coldest winters for a century with temperatures hitting minus 16 degrees Celsius, forecasters have warned.

Heavy snow brings Beijing to standstill
Heavy snow hit Beijing on Sunday, stranding thousands of passengers at the main airport and casting an unusual quiet over normally busy streets as people stayed out of the freezing weather.

False Flag Event in Detroit a Pretext to Invade Yemen
The UK PM Gordon Brown called for an “emergency summit of world leaders last night to stop Yemen becoming a new terror center,” reports The Sun.

Haskell Family: FBI has changed accounts 4 times; our story is the same since day one
Passenger profiling needed as well as scanners, airlines chief warns
Christmas Ornament Grounds U.S. Plane
Obama Got Pre-Christmas Intelligence Briefing About Terror Threats to “Homeland”
Obama ties failed plane attack to al Qaeda
PM Calls For Terror Summit Over Yemen

Iraq bomb plotters recruited in US-run prison: police
US adamant Iraq’s prison system not a breeding ground for militancy.

Haskells Speak Out Against Criticism Of Challenging Official Story
Kurt wants nothing but a full investigation to be done into this. He saw things that nobody else is claiming to see, and wants to feel safe flying again.

Flight 253: A Conversation With A Fellow Passenger

U.S. embassy in Yemen closes on Qaeda threat
The United States embassy in Yemen has closed in response to threats by al Qaeda and has instructed its Yemeni employees to stay away until further notice, the embassy and foreign diplomats said on Sunday.

Obama Blames al-Qaeda for Christmas False Flag, Sets Stage for Yemen Attack

Body scanner wouldn’t have foiled syringe bomber, says MP who worked on new machines
Gordon Brown’s plans to foil terrorist attacks by installing body scanners at UK airports are doomed to failure, according to an MP who helped to design the machines.

Bloggers mock Chris Matthews’ fear of ‘kung fu’ terrorists
During a Dec. 30 broadcast, Matthews confessed to his guests that he believes the plotters behind an attempt on a Christmas day flight into Detroit probably made more than one bomb. “They are out there to get us,” he said.

Gandhi and The Dalai Lama Are Not Opposed to Guns
I was raised to be against guns. My parents hated guns, and believed that they only lead to crime and to accidental shootings.

FBI Reports Huge Decrease In Murders As Firearm, Ammunition And “Large” Magazine Sales Soar

Claims: UK interrogators ‘routinely’ used sexual abuse against Iraqi prisoners
A secretive British commando unit is facing a slate of new allegations that they “routinely” used sexual abuse against Iraqi prisoners, according to published reports.

Is The Government Misrepresenting Unemployment By 32%?
There is an old saying, “when in doubt follow the money.” These days investors have lots of doubt about pretty much everything (if not so much money).

Is the Dollar a Ponzi Scheme?

Will Ben Stein Debate Ron Paul?
After their recent exchange during a Larry King Live interview, Congressman Paul challenges Ben Stein (and others who share his position) to a public debate over our nation’s foreign policy and what truly motivates terrorists.

The Awful Truth

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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