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Ron Paul: Gaza crisis is blowback for past US interventions
Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke on Friday in opposition to a non-binding House resolution expressing “strong support for Israel” in its invasion of Gaza and decrying Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Israel begins fresh attacks on Gaza
US consigns 3,000 tonnes of “ammunition” to Israel
Israeli strike on civilian house may be ‘war crime’ says UN
First signs of Hamas cracking, Israel lets Gazan delegates leave for Cairo

Bush Prepares Request for Rest Of Bailout Funds
Senior Bush administration officials, consulting with the Obama transition team, have prepared a plan to ask lawmakers for the second half of the $700 billion financial rescue package despite intense opposition in Congress, sources familiar with the discussions said.

Gold rush erupts over financial crisis
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Did We Just Have Our i-911 . . . and is an i-Patriot Act On its Way?
Former Counter Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke told a leading expert on internet free speech, Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig, that there was going to be an “i-9/11?, in other words, an electronic terrorist act, and an “i-Patriot Act” to crack down on freedoms on the Internet under the guise of protecting against such threats.

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Obama picks defense lobbyist as deputy defense secretary
President-elect Barack Obama, who campaigned on lessening the influence of lobbyists in government, has chosen a defense expert who is currently a vice president and lobbyist for one of the country’s biggest defense contractors to be his deputy secretary of defense.

Obama’s Attorney General Pick Faces Growing Criticism

Kucinich: “Federal Reserve No More Federal Than Federal Express!”
In the best line today, Dennis Kucinich says “Federal Reserve no more federal than Federal Express!”

Obama’s Energy Czar: Socialist Agent For World Government
Barack Obama’s “climate czar” Carol Browner has been exposed as being a member of Socialist International, a highly influential group headed by a Bilderberg Group luminary that calls for the implementation of global government, despite Socialist International’s attempts to seemingly “memory-hole” information about Browner on their website.

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Official defends stunning Hula Hoop lady
A Norfolk, Va., police officer had no choice but to use a stun gun on a brain-injured woman twirling a Hula Hoop in a street median, a city official said.

Military force-feeding 10 percent of Guantanamo detainees

Cheney: No One Could Have Predicted The Financial Crisis, Just As No One Foresaw 9/11
Yesterday in an interview with the Associated Press’s Deb Reichmann, Vice President Cheney repeatedly insisted that no one anticipated the looming U.S. financial crisis.

EXXONMOBIL calls for carbon tax to tackle global warming
Exxonmobil corp., the world’s largest crude oil refiner, supports taxing carbon dioxide as the most efficient way of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, its chief executive said.

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New video is clearest so far of Oscar Grant shooting
A video being distributed on the Internet showing the shooting of Oscar Grant by BART police appears to be the clearest posted to date.

N. Orleans cops shoot man 12 times in the back

Does The Government Manipulate Social Media?
The U.S. government long ago announced its intention to “fight the net”.

Air Force Creates "Counter Blog" Response Plan To Quell Online Dissent
The US Air Force has announced a “counter-blog” response plan aimed at fielding and reacting to material from bloggers who have “negative opinions about the US government and the Air Force.”

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Israeli chiefs say Gaza onslaught will go on
The Israeli security cabinet says the Gaza offensive will continue despite a UN Security Council resolution calling for an urgent ceasefire.

Olmert rejects ‘impractical’ UN resolution

Geithner Preparing Overhaul Of Bailout
Confronted with intense skepticism on Capitol Hill over the $700 billion financial rescue program, Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy F. Geithner and President-elect Barack Obama’s economic team are urgently overhauling the embattled initiative and broadening its scope well beyond Wall Street, sources familiar with the discussions said.

Recession more severe than thought: Fed’s Rosengren
The biggest flood of red ink the world has ever known

No victors in the war on dissent
Among the wars currently being fought by the American government is one in which there can be no winners. Our prior law enforcement experiences warn us that the “war on terrorism” has spawned an internal “war on dissent” in which everyone loses.

Medvedev says no gas to Ukraine until documents signed
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Russian energy giant Gazprom on Friday that gas supplies to Ukraine should be resumed only after the necessary documents are signed.

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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