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Last Updated: Tuesday 24th January, 2006, 16:40 GMT

UK ID cards "defeated" yet still going ahead
If you actually read into the situation you will discover that in actual fact the scheme will still go ahead, we will all have compulsory ID cards and our personal information will be recorded and stored.

Officer "docked pay" for torturing Iraqi to death
Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer, the highest ranking US Army official charged to date in the death of an Iraqi detainee, was convicted of negligent homicide on Saturday after it decided the death was not murder.

Coalition objects to RFID chips for driver’s licenses
A coalition of conservative groups and privacy advocates is urging the Homeland Security Department not to include the use of radio frequency identification contactless chips in its regulations for implementing the Real ID Act for state driver’s licenses.



Creation of a Federal Police Force
Peers refuse to give in over ID
Europe 'knew about' CIA flights
Impeachment hearings
Gov had early warning on Katrina
Conservatives rap Bush spying

Bolton: Bush won't tolerate nuclear Iran

Internet Explorer 7 leaks onto Internet
Please support our efforts by checking this out.

The Goon Show of Bush and Bin Laden: And so the deadly symbiosis between that dynamic, death-peddling duo, Bush and bin Laden, goes on.

More Bricks in the Road Leading to an Iran Attack: It may prove to be a minor propaganda victory in March when Israel—or rather the neocon infested Pentagon, not much difference—finally attacks.

Another nuke exercise -- your next 9/11? Catch this! Some fresh-brewed Homeland Insecurity published today on WorldNetDaily.


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