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Last Updated: Sunday 22nd January, 2006, 23:45 GMT

More Bohemian Grove Photos emerge
The following collection of images was recently sent to us by a helpful visitor to, from a yet unknown (to us) origin.

Westminster 'misled' over CIA torture flights
Pressure over the use of British airports for secret CIA torture flights increased dramatically yesterday after it emerged that a Foreign Office minister misled Parliament over a meeting between the UN and UK civil servants about the issue.

Residents question plan for surveillance cameras
Some South Dallas residents at a community meeting Saturday told police that their neighborhood needs more help fighting assaults, drug activity, theft and prostitution. But they are not convinced that police surveillance cameras are the answer.



Iraq attacks kill children, police
Former troops £6,000 to re-enlist
School Considers Cameras
We don't live in a police state yet
Belafonte DHS the New Gestapo
Song Said to Instigate Torture

Israeli Hints at Preparation to Stop Iran

Iran's Bomb
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Phantom Osama Groomed for a Return: After a long and suspicious hiatus, Osama bin Laden has resurfaced with new threats.

Neocons Connect Author Blum to Osama: It is very peculiar that Osama bin Laden finds it necessary to quote author William Blum.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, Covert Op Poet: In Langley, Virginia, the CIA is burning the midnight oil.


Why the Mid-East Bleeds

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