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Last Updated: Thursday 19th January, 2006, 15:27 GMT

Man Collecting Referendum Signatures Questioned by Police
Months after collecting signatures for last year’s failed effort to force a citywide referendum on downtown, Mike Saman got a phone call from the police about his work on the referendum.

Father of all plots: the kidnap that wasn't and the end of a protest group
However, it seems the latest ruse, far from being a serious attempt to kidnap Leo Blair, was, at most, the slightly inebriated flight of fantasy of three men in a pub. Mystery surrounds how the plan came to The Sun's attention and why it took the Met's Anti-Terrorist Branch (SO13) more than a month to approach the men believed to be behind it.

Federal Grants Bring Surveillance Cameras to Small Towns
This snowy village, in the shadow of Fall Mountain and alongside the iced-over Connecticut River, is the kind of place where a little of anything usually suffices. There are just eight full-time police officers on the town's force, two chairs in the barbershop and one screen in the theater. A little of anything -- except surveillance cameras. Bellows Falls has decided it needs 16 of those.



US openly tortures suspects
Victims:Stop Torture Theme Song
Memo stokes 'terror flights' row
Cameron stands firm against ID
High-Tech Dutch Prison to Open
China Banned 79 Newspapers

Google Earth fingers CIA rendition flights?

Iranian President Cements Syrian Alliance
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Iran Attack: No Way Back Now - As now appears obvious, the Straussian neocons will attack Iran, sooner before later.

Avoiding a war with Iran: The march to war with Iran is continuing apace despite skyrocketing gold prices, a jittery oil market, and the unrelenting chaos in nearby Iraq.

Evidence of a Stolen Election: The Florida panhandle is thorough-going Republican. Even Democrats run as Republicans.


Why the Mid-East Bleeds

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