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Last Updated: Tuesday 17th January, 2006, 16:53 GMT

Lords defeat for ID cards scheme
The government's ID cards scheme has suffered three defeats in the Lords. Peers voted to block the scheme until full costs were known, but ministers say its cost cannot be revealed as it will make it hard to get a good deal.

US believes Bin Laden still alive
US counter-terrorism ambassador Henry Crumpton has told the BBC that the al-Qaeda leader and his number two are believed to be in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region.

Spychips make Orwell's Big Brother seem relatively harmless
Organizations that promote RFID, as well as government agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, want to implant an RFID tag on every item on earth.



NSA Data Led FBI To Dead Ends
Gore: Resist Bush 'power grab'
Rice defends bloody CIA raid
Body Found Near Black's Estate
Bremer Blames Bush, Rumsfeld
Iran vows tough reprisals

Russia Says Imposing Sanctions a Bad Way of Dealing with Iran

Moon-based telescope may peer at the Earth
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Bush as the 'Mad Hatter': It is as if we have all fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in the middle of the world's largest insane tea party.

Why Is McCain So Supportive Of Bush & Cheney? Why is John McCain so supportive of Bush and Cheney after being so viciously attacked by them in the 2000 campaign?

People forgetting basic U.S. freedoms: If you support a king-like presidency, if you don't believe that due process is important for everybody, if you don't recognize a right to privacy,what exactly is it that you think makes this country great?


David Stall: Trans-Texas Corridor

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