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Last Updated: Saturday 14th January, 2006, 19:20 GMT

VIDEO: Fla. Student Shot by SWAT Team Member
This is a sophisticated piece of mind washing journlism. The report goes all out to sell the fact that the replica gun looks a lot like a real gun. This is simply beside the point, the fact is a SWAT team was called in and the 15 year old kid was gunned down.

US killed 18 women and children in Pakistan missile strike
More than 18 Pakistani civilians were killed in a U.S. air strike on a village near the Afghan border, local officials and witnesses said, according news agencies. The attack killed eight women, and six children aged under 10, Ahmad Zaidan, Aljazeera's Pakistan bureau chief reported.

German deputy FM says sanctions against Iran very dangerous
German deputy Foreign Minister Gernot Erler said imposing economic sanctions against Iran for its nuclear policy would be a "very dangerous path," according to reports here.



Murtha:“We’re Inciting Terrorism”
Clinton backs Blair as UN chief
Student Protest "a threat"
New Guantánamo Testimony
Bush could seize absolute control
Major terror plot ignored?

Snooping fears plague new iTunes

Iran expert from Chatham House: "Expect U.S. armed forces blows within six to 18 months"
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Alito Confirmation: Stacking the Supreme Court with Authoritarians: Alito is the poster child.

Anti-Iranian Media Propaganda Talking-up a Nuclear Holocaust: In the last 24 hours the BBC and Channel 4 News (UK) have been doing their bit.

Dark Days Ahead for our Rights and Freedoms: What we need to understand is that the right-wing in this country has been much more dedicated.


Call To Decision: Pastor Butch Paugh

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