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Last Updated: Friday 13th January, 2006, 12:05 GMT

New Body Screeners in use in London: We are living in a dystopian nightmare
People are faced with walking into booths raising their hands above their heads like they're a criminal and being electronically scanned by a machine that produces a naked image of their body.

U.S. ‘Threatened N.Korea with Military Action’
Washington last year threatened North Korea with military action if Pyongyang did not return to six-party talks on its nuclear program, the Sankei Shimbun reported quoting diplomatic sources in the U.S.

Turkey Bird Flu Propaganda Update
I have been through these situations before: reporting from an area is spotty, hard to verify, and reporters tend to use generalities to cover a lack of specific facts. Right now, the "bird-flu scene" in Turkey is fluid, to say the least.



Robertson Apologizes
N. Korean 'supernotes' surfaced
National ID, State Nightmare
Fmr 'Enemy Combatant' Pleads
Rumours on N.Korea's Kim swirl
Peers to extend terror detention

AMERICAblog just bought General Wesley Clark's cell phone records for $89.95

RF-IDing the dead
Please support our efforts by checking this out.

The Argument from Morality Versus the Welfare State: If "asking" the rich to help the poor is moral – then forcing them to do so must be immoral.

Hamza: Patsy for the Clash of Civilizations Gang - An effort to scare the pants off the misinformed and a largely dim-witted television-gazing public.

NSA Spied on Baltimore Peace Group: Maria Allwine of the Pledge, describes how the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on them.


Call To Decision: Pastor Butch Paugh

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