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Last Updated: Tuesday 10th January, 2006, 01:25 GMT

Why have both the US and the UK have given Iran the materials it needs to go nuclear?
What we are not being told is that both the US and the UK have supplied Iran with the materials and the know how in order that they may build the bomb.

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children
John Yoo publicly argued there is no law that could prevent the President from ordering the torture of a child of a suspect in custody – including by crushing that child’s testicles.

Huge rise in juvenile DNA samples kept by the police
The DNA from 750,000 juveniles has been added to the national police database over the past 10 years, the Government has revealed.



Soros says sees recession in '07
MPs leaked plan to hit al-Jazeera
Veteran 'NY Times' Reporter Dies
1988 Mossad plot to bomb Britain
Blair impeachment urged
Get out of MySpace, bloggers

Chavez Influence Growing

Buyer beware as electronics giants launch rival DVDs
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Where Are They Going to Take the Bird Flu Hoax? It's time to look at the real strategy here.

Wiretap City: When it comes to wiretaps, Democratic and Republican lawmakers have been equal partners.

Surviving the New World Order: This isn't about storing silver coins or canned food or getting an AK-47.

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