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Last Updated: Sunday 8th January, 2006, 20:15 GMT

A Dying Breed: Feeble Minded Fools and Dim-Witted Debunkers
We recently received an e mail which compared us with Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, and called us outright liars for stating that the federal government was involved in gun confiscation in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

No identity card? You could be fined £2,500
Town hall bureaucrats are to be given sweeping new powers to investigate homes for identity card evasion and to impose heavy fines on occupants found without one.

Bush again flashes el diablo sign
Ask yourself, why is Bush flashing a Texas football sign at an Economic Club gathering in Chicago?



Screeners step up surveillance
Iraq war to cost $1 trillion
911 clean up worker dies
Spying issue likely to dominate
More revelations of illegal spying
Teen recruits 'hit with golf club'

Your phone records are for sale

UK nuclear export sent to Iran claim
Please support our efforts by checking this out.

Are We The Terrorists? I do not believe that it is by accident that recent revelations of domestic eavesdropping have surfaced.

How Chrsitian and Jewish Zionists and terrorists undermined the US: The Jack Abramoff scandal is more than a scandal.

Neocon Police State Spreads Disinfo and Paranoia: We live in a police state here in America, a one-time constitutional republic where the authorities can and will snoop.

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