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Last Updated: Friday 6th January, 2005, 19:04 GMT

World Tribune: Ariel Sharon Dies
Sharon was declared dead by physicians at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital before 1 p.m. Israeli time [6 a.m. EST], Middle East Newsline reported. Authorities have already been notified of the death, and a government announcement was expected to be issued over the next hour.

NY Times Facing NSA Leak Indictment?
The New York Times reporters who broke the Bush "Spygate" story, as well as the paper's top executives who approved its publication, face the very real prospect of criminal indictment by the Bush Justice Department - a lawyer involved in the 1971 Pentagon Papers battle is warning.

Secret surveillance is not new
The controversy over the National Security Agency's interception of domestic communications without court warrant is not the first time the government has tried to shield a new surveillance technique behind a cloak of secrecy.



Confirmed: PM Sharon Is Dead
Impeachment chances loom
Canadian fans hurl abuse at U.S.
Congressmembers write
Bush taking on king-like powers
Morrissey: LA a 'Police State'

Why Did the CIA Give Iran the Atom Bomb?

Wal-Mart software makes racist suggestions
Please support our efforts by checking this out.

The Quiet Death of Freedom: John Pilger on why freedom is dying.

Clinton Did It Too: George Bush managed to do something, had I not seen it done, I would have never believed possible.

The Sham of Homeland Security: The shamelessness of it. The sheer grubbing for it.


Bush Let Bin Laden Escape

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