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Quit Smoking or Quit Your Job, U.S. Company Says

A ban on tobacco use -- whether at home or at the workplace -- led four employees to quit their jobs last week at Okemos, Michigan-based Weyco Inc., which handles insurance claims.

>> Chirac calls for global tax to fight AIDS

>> Anger over Iraqi war dead on Internet

>> Gonzales Approved Despite Abuse Concerns

>> Ohio recount volunteers allege electoral tampering, legal violations and possible fraud

>> Education secretary blasts PBS for cartoon with gay characters

>> Developing world births 'falling'

>> The Push for mass Doublethink: "Bush targets tyranny"

>> 36 U.S. Troops Die in Iraq in Their Bloodiest Day

>> Iraqis still in the dark over where to vote - or for whom

>> Another columnist paid to promote Bush policy

>> Indonesian Tsunami Probably Tripped by Exxon-Mobile Works

>> "Jihadists" living in Oregon, FBI says

>> Rail crash carnage in Los Angeles

>> Blair refuses FoI request for Iraq war legal advice

>> Updated list of scientists dead in suspicious circumstances since autumn 2001

>> Decline Of American Culture - Lyrics Then & Now

>> Ranger Mitch: A Casualty of War

>> Johnny Carson, CIA shill?

What People Wearing The Sunglasses Saw During Bush's Inauguration Speech


>> Boys arrested for stick figure drawings

>> British Citizens Subject To Curfews, Tagging Under New Terror Powers

>> Government Announces New Curfew in Iraq

>> Prepare for life in a police state

>> Soldiers 'told to give captives good kicking'

>> Gun Owners Upset About Gonzales' Support for Gun Ban

>> Officer Threatens To Arrest Woman For Anti-Bush Sticker

>> Neo-Con Torture Rhetoric Alarmingly Mirrors Nazi Counterparts

>> Bush tells Iran not to meddle in Iraq election

>> Iran warns of "astonishing" retaliation if attacked

>> You can trust him: Blair knows of no US plans to launch strike on Iran

>> Germany's Schroeder rejects military strikes against Iran


>> US to slap tourists with RFID

>> US clothes firm comes clean on RFID plans

>> ID scheme to track students' progress

>> 2015: RFID is all over - make way for super RFID

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Tesco 'spychips' anger consumers

A US consumer privacy group has called for a global boycott of Tesco stores over the company's trial of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips.

Elitists Given 'New World Order' Commemorative Rifle

The engraved "New World Order Commemorative" on the side of the gun is really a sight.

If you haven't seen They Live yet you haven't seen the best social commentary/dystopia film ever made.

>> Unholy Empire

>> Rumsfeldone

>> Inauguration Day

Israel refuses to rule out attack on Iran

Israel's Defence Minister refused to rule out a pre-empt-ive strike on Iran yesterday, claiming that Tehran was "close to a point of no return" on its suspected development of a nuclear weapon.

Iranian Source Says Tehran Plans To Fly Plane Into US Nuclear Reactor

Yeah sure, and provide the perfect justification to bring the world's biggest military might down upon them, right, that makes A LOT of sense. Does this 'source' drink in the same bar as the alcoholic 'Curve Ball' Iraqi who provided the oh so reliable WMD evidence Colin Powell presented to the UN in 2003?

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