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Man arrested for calling Bloomberg office

A critic of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been arrested on charges of making more than 1,000 harassing phone calls to Bloomberg's press office.

>> Politician seeks to revoke Schwarzenegger's Austrian citizenship

>> Bin Laden hunt in Pakistan is ‘pointless’

>> 'Zarqawi' vows war on Iraq poll

>>Claims Bigley killer held in Iraq (How can he declare war if he has been captured?)

>>US soldiers sentenced for Iraqi's killing: Only 3 years in jail for shooting an interpreter in the head as a joke

>>Gangs bring terror and death to jails as prison population soars

>>Second UN official 'linked to Saddam pay-off'

>> 50% of RAF Women are sexually abused

>> Iraq’s defence minister wants to hand Chalabi over to Jordan

>>Why isn't Chavez Frias on USA's international terrorist list?

>> NEW PICTURES ADDED: The "hook 'em horns" is an occult recognition symbol

>>Bush Pulls 'Neocons' Out of the Shadows

>> Freedom’s just another word for trigger-happy neo-conservatism

>> Global Eye: American Terror

Inauguration Day


>> Pentagon's secret spy unit broadens Rumsfeld's power

>> Doubt cast over tip on terror plot

>> Torture Becomes a Matter of Definition

>> A few questions about torture
Congress should get answers from the policy-makers

>> About 2,000 rally in Hong Kong to demand full democracy, social justice

>> Anti-Bush protestors march downtown

>> Protests against inauguration of Bush continue in downtown SLC


>> Army faces new claims over Iraq brutality

>> At least 20 soldiers implicated in further Iraqi abuse claims

>> Feel the Freedom: Iraq imposes curfew and car ban for polling day

>> Pakistan joins US in attacking Iran over support for terror

>> Iran warns US against making "strategic mistake"

>> Britain's plea for Iran talks


>> Banks seek access to personal records

>> Some picture security; others see an intrusion: Downtown cameras

>> The day my brain was turned off by a magnet


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School looking at pupil tagging

A school in Swansea is considering tagging its pupils because of a shortage of assistants who can supervise lunch breaks.

Torture is a problem, not a solution

On January 15, the BBC quoted outgoing U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge as saying that the U.S. did not condone the use of torture to extract information from terrorists, but that under an "extreme set" of hypothetical circumstances, such as a nuclear threat, "it could happen." Heaven help us

Hail to the Thief

>> Daily Show: Inauguration Speech Rundown

>> Stable Stock Market

>> What will Republicans ignore next?

>> Saying All The Right Things

China builds up strategic sea lanes

China is building up military forces and setting up bases along sea lanes from the Middle East to project its power overseas and protect its oil shipments, according to a previously undisclosed internal report.

Families of servicemembers killed in Iraq turned away at Pentagon

Pentagon police on Wednesday turned away family members of troops killed in Iraq who wanted to confront Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on the reasons for the war in Iraq.

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