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Police Begin Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops

If you're ticketed by Green Bay police, you'll get more than a fine. You'll get fingerprinted, too. It's a new way police are cracking down on crime.

>> Marine Would Rather Die Than Go Back To Iraq

>> Some Iraq Areas May Be Too Unsafe to Vote

>> Dollar Drops After Snow Suggests U.S. Won't Try to Halt Decline

>> Yet Another Top Microbiologist Dead

>> Bible Removed From Houston Monument

>> Porn Ad Used To Sell Heart-Attack Burger

>> Consumer Reports advocates abortion

>> Yeltsin killed man in 'drunken hit and run', biographer claims

>> Secret service link to film-maker's killing

>> Mancow to Steal Howard Stern’s Show

>> It Is Time To Abort Abortion: Issues Of Choice

>> The Electoral College and Alberto Gonzales: Left Illusions About the Democrats

>> FTAA is about world government

>> What's in a Name?

>> I Did Not Relinquish My Citizenship When I Became A Pastor

Iraq And Social Security


>> Witness: CIA, SEALs Beat Iraq Prisoners

>> Guantanamo Brits may face arrest on return

>> Guantanamo Britons 'to be freed'

>> Disabled peer condemns 'euthanasia' Bill

>> Fallujah: Orwell's 1984 Revisited

>> What's in your wallet? Maybe a national I.D. card

>> Another man dies in police custody

>> Wisc. Police Cite War Protester for Sign

>> Is Frist's 'Political Paranoia' Bill Real or Disinfo?

>> Lawyer: Iraqi Abuse Was Like Act of 'Cheerleaders'

>> DC Police Profiling Metro Riders With New Methods

>> Abbas makes peace offer to Israel


>> School Systems Deploy Latest Surveillance Technology

>> GPS Phones Track Kids

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Rep. Paul Denounces National ID

Congressman Ron Paul today denounced the national ID card provisions contained in the intelligence bill being voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives, while urging his colleagues to reject the bill and its new layers of needless bureaucracy.

Benjamin Franklin, the Occult and The Elite

A mason, Benjamin Franklin's links to occult secret societies have long been known.

Such a debacle.

>> Su Na Mi

>> Helicopters Skimming Down

>> Laura Bush Salutes Her True God

Russia and NATO to patrol Mediterranean coasts

Russia and NATO will conduct joint anti-terror patrols in the Mediterranean Sea this spring, ITAR-TASS quoted the chief of staff of Russia's navy as saying Tuesday.

Bush Picks Judge Chertoff to Head Homeland Security Department

President George W. Bush named federal appeals court judge Michael Chertoff as his nominee to be the new secretary of the U.S. Homeland Security Department.
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