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Soldier Who Made Iraqis Jump Off Bridge, Killing One, Gets Just 6 Months, Is Not Discharged

Remember, the cardinal sin committed by the Iraqis was that they broke a 9pm curfew (curfews are another example of how we gave them freedom, up is down, down is up).

>> U.S. forces mistakenly kill 8 Iraqis after convoy bombed

>> Newsweek: Dubya, Bubba Now Best Buddies

>> US deserters flee to Canada to avoid service in Iraq

>> Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran-official

>> Bush supports group trying to "tear drown crosses" from Christian churches

>> Let bin Laden stay free, says ex-No. 3 CIA man

>> US denies ‘foreknowledge’ of Asian tsunami

>> The man who predicted the tsunami

>> Earth still vibrating after Asia quake

>> U.S. Admits Bombing Wrong House Near Mosul; Five Killed

>> Three senior Iraqi officials abducted, man beheaded; U.S. general warns of possible 'horrific' attack

>> OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds In Murrah Blast

>> Radicals and the Two-Party System

>> Explaining How Depleted Uranium Is Killing Civilians, Soldiers, Land

Su Na Mi


>> Pentagon Considering Assassination and Kidnapping Special Forces In Iraq

>> 85-year-old Man Beaten, Pepper-Sprayed By Police

>> Terror suspects' trials are 'unfair' , say judges

>> The Gonzales pick

>> Memo reveals Bush OKd torture

>> Police Begin Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops

>> Ten middle school students strip searched for missing $10 bill

>> Bulgaria's Socialists to withdraw troops from Iraq if it wins June vote

>> N.Korea urges Bush to drop hostile policy

>> Big brother is watching ... and sending help to motorists

>> 5 years ago... Clinton to give grants to trainee cyber-snoopers


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More businesses turn to technology to help keep track of their employees

Ciro Viento commands a platoon of 110 garbage trucks, so when a caller complained after seeing one of the blue and white trash tanks speeding down Route 22, Viento didn't know which driver to blame. Until he checked his computer.

The Effort To Silence Christians

As I left the debate that day, I realized that among homosexual activists there existed an element that fervently desired to outlaw any and all opposition to their lifestyle. If they could make it illegal to speak out against homosexuality, they would.

That evil asian dictator

>> Helicopters Skimming Down

>> Laura Bush Salutes Her True God

>> Bush Paraphrases Fascist Character

>> The Gropenfuhrer

Withdrawing Ukraine troops from Iraq priority, Yushchenko says

The winner of Ukraine's presidential vote Viktor Yushchenko said that withdrawing the nation's troops from Iraq will be a priority for him once he takes office, after an accidental blast killed seven Ukrainian soldiers there.

Sharon Considered Mid-East War to Distract From Corruption Probe

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was said to have discussed a proposal to launch a war in the Middle East in an effort to divert attention from an investigation into allegations of bribery and corruption.
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