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Iraq Extends State of Emergency, Arrests Without Warrants, Night Curfews

The emergency decree includes a nighttime curfew and gives the government extra power to make arrests without warrants and launch police and military operations when it deems necessary.

>> Conspiracy theorists see dark forces behind tsunami disaster

>> Indonesia, Thailand given prompt warning of undersea quake: nuclear test watchdog

>> Why did US base escape tsunami?

>> American outrage over DIY handbook for illegal immigrants

>> Rumsfeld Seeks Broad Review of Iraq Policy

>> Egyptian paper: Israel-India nuke test caused tsunami

>> Ann Coulter Calls For North Korea To Be "Nuked For Fun," Attacks Tsunami Victims

>> White House Won't Release Gonzales Papers

>> Satanic murders just the tip of an iceberg, claims Roman church

>> Researcher Says Children's 'Tolerance' Video Promotes Homosexuality

>> Massive US Assault On Fallujah

>> Dollar Rises for Fifth Day in Longest Rally Since October 2003

>> Nine U.S. troops killed in attacks in Iraq

>> Congress Formally OKs Bush Election

>> Eli Lilly knew Prozac had 1200% higher suicide rate than other antidepressants

>> A Contempt for Civil Rights: Supporting Torture is not Gonzales' Greatest Sin

>> Burning Away Our Liberties: Does The Average American Even Care?

>> The Myth of Inevitable War

Helicopters Skimming Down


>> Heart expert warns about using Tasers

>> Chinese one-child policy: activist gets more jailtime

>> Padilla lawyers: Charge him, or free him

>> Fans Zapped by Tasers at Football Game

>> Council makes recycling compulsory

>> German court fines man for slamming door

>> U.S. Military to Probe Guantanamo Abuse Allegations

>> US seeks to buy ammunition from Taiwan as stocks run low after Iraq: report

>> Big Brother Behind The Wheel To Watch Drivers


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Social Security Administration utilizes RFID

Retirees are unlikely to see radio frequency identification tags on their Social Security checks anytime soon. But Social Security Administration officials will begin tracking orders for SSA forms and pamphlets early this year using RFID technology.

Serious Questions Need To Be Answered About Alberto Gonzales

Some even speculate that one reason for Bush's infatuation with Gonzales is nothing more than old fashioned political payback. It appears, after all, that Alberto Gonzales kept Bush's drunk driving conviction in 1976 a secret until it was too late to damage Bush's first presidential bid.

Does your city have one?

>> Laura Bush Salutes Her True God

>> Bush Paraphrases Fascist Character

>> The Gropenfuhrer

Israeli Crisis with Russia sparks special high-level meeting

A "highly classified problem" was the real reason for the special meeting on the crisis in Israel's relations with Russia that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon convened earlier this week, government sources told Haaretz.

US island base given warning

A British-owned American base on an island in the Indian Ocean received prior warning of the tsunami from the US, the Guardian has established.
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