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Pacifica Taser Gun Death Under Investigation

Pacifica police are investigating the death of a man who was shot with a Taser gun. Officers say they were called to Inverness Drive on a report that a person needed medical help.

>> Expert: I tried to warn of tsunami

>> FBI clears terrorists of shining laser pointers at pilots

>> Laser Incident At Nashville Airport

>> Elder Bush, Clinton to Lead Relief Effort

>> Bio-Chemical Tests in Alaska Whitewashed By Government

>> Government 'has given in to EU ban on health food supplements'

>> Indian Paper Asks: Human Hand Behind Earthquake and Tsunami?

>> Ionospheric Manipulation Responsible For Devastating Tsunami?

>> Tsunami Victim Photographed Wearing Strange 'New World Order' Clothing

>> More Tsunami Images

>> Channel 10 cameraman shot by IDF troops in Gaza Strip

>> Morris man was 'playing' with laser

>> Re-Discovered Photos Emphasize Bohemian Grove Sacrifice Obsession

>> Molech/Bohemian Grove Background Information

>> Chemtrails In South Florida

>> Pentagon Plane Indentified?

>> Year Of Spin-Sanity Somes To An End

>> Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo, John Lennon's true assassin(?)

The Gropenfuhrer


>> Eugene police set aside plans for Tasers

>> Digitized prints can point finger at innocent

>> U.S. preparing for lifetime jailing of terror suspects without trial

>> Senator Says Lifetime Terror Detentions 'Bad Idea'

>> Dutch make ID papers compulsory

>> Marines will stay close to home for urban training

>> Thousands of Fallujans Demonstrate In Iraq

>> San Francisco Considers Handgun Ban

>> US fighters violate Iranian air space: report

>> N Korea warns US in belligerent New Year message

>> Big brother fears over police tracker system

>> Labour dismissed ID cards in 1974


>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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The eyes have it

From iris scans to the way you walk, biometrics is the new weapon against terrorism and crime.

Next Major Quake Predicted For March 2005

Remote viewing expert Major Ed Dames believes he has found the location of Earth's next major catastrophe.

Arnie wants more than one amendment.

>> Bush Remains World's Largest Disaster

>> Rummy's Senility

>> Inside The Spin Machine

N. Korea reportedly sold arms to group linked to al-Qaida

North Korea sold more than 10,000 rifles and other weapons in 1999 and 2000 to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the largest pro-Al-Qaida extremist group in the Philippines, according to Southeast Asian security sources.

Don't Give Your Tsunami Donations To The Red Cross

The Red Cross kept half of the 9/11 donation money they received after the attack. They are a Globalist front at the top of the chain and any donations to them are useless. We encourage people to donate to the smaller charities that are infinitely more trustworthy.
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