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Mitt Romney ‘Wins’ The Maine Caucuses, Unless Ron Paul Actually Won Them
If the outstanding votes tip for Ron Paul (and they might, since the outstanding votes are mostly from rural areas), Mitt Romney may be dealing with a replay of the Iowa Caucuses.

Ron Paul Supporters Question Maine Caucuses Results
Romney wins prized straw poll at conservative gathering
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Future Robot Obama: Please Return To Your Homes, A Curfew Is In Effect
Transcript of speech by Robot Obama, March 21, 2013.

The World the Elites Remade?
The Internet – and what we call the Internet Reformation – is changing the context of elite dominant social themes.

Greece Set to Agree on Bailout as Germany Demands Action
Greek lawmakers looked set to agree to a deeply unpopular bailout deal on Sunday.

Genetically modified mosquitoes may soon be released in Florida
The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) is seeking federal and state approval to release hundreds of thousands of genetically-modified (GM) mosquitos.

This Is What An Economic Depression Looks Like In The 21st Century
Do you want to see what a 21st century economic depression looks like? Just look at Greece.

Good Guns, Bad Guns? US arms in reach of Syria rebels
The US is setting up an international coalition aimed at supporting rebels in their struggle.

Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama Contraception Decision
“Forcing private religious institutions to pay for contraception and sterilization as part of their health care plans is a direct assault on the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty.”

19 Facts About Abortion In America That Should Make You Very Sick

The return of the Keyboard Warriors
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Mainstream Reports: The U.S. and Israel Support Terrorists
Senior U.S. officials say – according to NBC news – that Israel is training and supporting Iranian terrorists.

Leading Economist: “We’re In a No Win Situation… This Is End of the World Type Stuff” *Video*
This is an interview that shouldn’t be missed.

Unemployment, Foreclosures, Rising Debts and Despair: AMERICA’S SOCIAL CRISIS

Video Shows Police Beating Man in Diabetic Shock – and Nevada City Pays for It
“Stop resisting motherf****r. Stop resisting motherf****r,” an officer yelled as the man lay on the ground.

Syria: Gunmen assassinate army general
SANA news agency reports 3 gunmen open fire at Brigedier-General Issa al-Khouli in Damascus as violence in Syria reaches tightly controlled capital.

Genetically Engineered Generic Drugs to Be Unleashed Without Mandatory Testing

Under the healthcare reform of 2010, the FDA was given the authority to regulate generic versions of genetically engineered (GE) drugs.

Red Planet meets red ink: budget ax could chop two NASA Mars missions
The budget to be released by President Obama Monday is expected to include a one-third cut in NASA’s Mars program, in part to pay for other cost overruns within the agency.

Al-Qaeda leader backs Syrian revolt against Assad
Terror group’s leader releases video message to Syrian rebels urging them against relying on West, Arab governments in efforts to topple Syrian president.

NATO’s “Secret War” on Syria: Replicating the Libya Model

‘Spy networks near Iran an open secret’
London Times claims Mossad agent in Azerbaijan confirmed existence of intelligence agency’s base near Iran; says Baku is ‘ground zero for intelligence work’.

Egypt: US-funded Agitators on Trial
US “democracy promotion” = foreign-funded sedition.

Europeans protest controversial ACTA pact
Tens of thousands of people marched in protests in more than a dozen European cities Saturday.

Doomsday Report: THREE MILLION PREPPERS IN AMERICA Are Getting Ready For The End of the World As We Know It
Very few had the foresight to predict that the economic system and social fabric of our nation would be threatened with upheaval and disarray.

“See Something Say Something” Campaign Could Allow People to Label ANY AMERICAN a Suspected “Terrorist” … Just Like in Nazi Germany or Stasi East Germany
List of Actions or Beliefs Which May Get You Labeled a Terrorist Grows Daily.

Cyborg Brain/Machine Interface is Now Reality
Tel Aviv researchers have essentially created circuitry that can replace basic motor functions such as blinking, and have implanted these circuits into rat brains.

As Santorum and Romney battle, Paul slams both as liberal
Paul said the conservative momentum would come around to him eventually.

Ron Paul Locked in a Duel with Mitt Romney at Maine Caucus, Expects First Victory in the GOP Race
It is a one-to-one match between Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Ron Paul in Maine.

Nuclear Armageddon if WWIII Starts: Lyndon LaRouche Reports
Alex talks with economist Lyndon LaRouche about the war brewing in the Middle East and the dismal state of the economy.

Entering into The Age of Darkness with Dr. Francis Boyle
Alex speaks with Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law.

The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to Read
The war has been a disaster and the military’s top brass has not leveled with the American public about just how badly it’s been going.

Ahmadinejad: Iran will soon announce major nuclear achievements
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addresses his nation as tens of thousands rally across the country to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

Israel Will Commit Suicide By Attacking Iran (And Allow The Globalists To Pick Up The Pieces)
Throughout Israel’s campaign of terror and provocations against Iran, the Obama administration has remained in the background, quietly minding its own business.


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