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GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Will Be On The Republican Ticket
Romney could be forced to pick Paul for Vice-President.

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The UK will have web blocking regulations soon
The UK government seems set to implement some form of web site blocking.

Google will swap you a box of crisps for your web privacy

Everything Is Terrorism: Mike Adams on Infowars Nightly News
Mike Adams lists the innumerable different behaviors the FBI has characterized as indicators of terrorism.

“Mock Internment Facility” Discovered In Missouri

iEconomy: This Is How Apple Distorts The Market
As goes AAPL, so goes the US?

Greece Responds To Troika Deal With Immediate Two Day Strike, Threatens With “Social Uprising”

DHS To Launch Insurgent-Tracking Drones Inside America
Technology used to hunt enemy combatants in Afghanistan will be used for “non-emergency incidents” within the U.S.

Goal of Iran Sanctions: Malnutrition and Starvation
In order for sanctions to be effective a sufficient number of women and children must starve.

Syria: Pentagon Prepares Military “Options” for Obama
The Pentagon and the U.S. Central Command are preparing “options” for Obama as the United States transitions from diplomatic pressure to military action against Syria.

US Invading Syria by Proxy
Foreign Troops Already Involved In Syrian War

Japan Scrambles Fighters to Meet Russian Bombers

Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force had to scramble fighter jets in response to flights by Russian military aircraft near Japanese airspace on Wednesday.

What Are We Going To Do If The Number Of American Adults That Can’t Take Care Of Themselves Continues To Set New Records?
Today, the number of American adults that can’t take care of themselves is at an all-time record high.

Here’s The Chart That Has One Finance Writer Feeling ‘Something Is About To Happen’
Sometimes it’s called the “fear index”.

Dollar Situation Getting Desperate

CPAC Organizers Trying To Avoid Another Ron Paul Straw Poll Win
This year, the American Conservative Union and CPAC are moving from paper ballots to electronic voting.

Microchips for all dogs to hold owners to account
All dogs may have to be fitted with microchips under government plans to encourage “responsible” pet ownership.

Google Will Pay People to Authoritatively Root Themselves: Track 100% of Web Usage Via Dedicated Hardware
If that black box option doesn’t require the browser plugins…

Chinese Government Demands 250 Million Internet Users Provide Real Identities
New web censorship assault stokes fears of Communist repression.

Paul Campaign: We’re Winning The Battle For Delegates
GOP strategist predicts Paul will be on the Republican ticket.

Elementary school kids indoctrinated about Obama’s incredible awsomness

US Warplanes Head to Gulf At Rate Not Seen In Years
Flight after flight of US warplanes were to be seen cutting eastward through the skies of Sinai.

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran’s nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News

Syria regime change PR in high gear: More ‘newborn baby slaughter’ propaganda
Patrick Henningsen It seems The Independent have been caught red-handed running faux news on Syria- and it’s a recycled story.

Syrian body count casualty of media spin machine

Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis’ Twitter, Drudge Spying
Homeland Security is monitoring the web for anti-government sentiment and signs of social unrest.

Cop Pulls Shotgun on Peaceful Crowd
Shocking video shows that a crazed member of the Houston Police Department pulled a shotgun to intimidate a peaceful but vocal crowd.

Foreign DNA Found in Vaccine Can Cause Disease: Curt Linderman Sr. Reports
Mike Adams speaks with vaccine watchdog and activist Curt Linderman.

Outrageous: Agent Orange Maker Monsanto Seeks Return to Vietnam for GMO Crops
Vietnam here we come! At least that is what biotech giant Monsanto is saying.

10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve
What would happen if the Federal Reserve was shut down permanently?

Mysterious flash in the sky sparks conspiracy theories in Moscow
The Russian web was ablaze with bizarre theories today at an extraordinary explosion seen by thousands of commuters in St Petersburg.

The New York Times Agrees With G. W. Bush, Implies The Constitution “Is Just A Piece of Paper”
The Constitution is dead thanks in large part to the fact that the New York Times has judiciously covered up the Bush administration’s crimes.

Americans Apparently Approve of Murder Based on Political Party
A poll published on Wednesday at the Washington Post finds that a majority of even “liberal Democrats” approves of Obama killing US citizens.

Pharmaceutical waste runoff causing shrimp, other marine life to commit suicide
First humans, then dogs, now shrimp?

Banned chemical weapon for use in UK?
The UK government may consider the development of chemical weapons for domestic law enforcement, that’s according to the national academy of sciences.


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