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Report: British Special Forces Enter Syria To Aid Rebels
Foreign boots on the ground in repeat of Libya.

Feds Label Bulk Buying of Food a Potential Terrorist Activity
Despite the fact that FEMA itself spent $1 billion dollars on storable food last year alone.

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Iran: U.S., Israel highly vulnerable to retaliatory strikes
Deputy head of Iran’s armed forces joint chiefs of staff says that his country rejects that United States’ carrot and stick approach.

Iran’s Arsenal Of Sunburn Missiles Is More Than Enough To Close The Strait

Targeting Syria and Iran
Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama goes to War…

Genetically Modified Nature: GM Salmon Under Attack By Concerned Experts
“The Constitution has seen better days.”

Democrat: Evicting TSA From Airports Could Cause New 9/11
Sheila Jackson Lee's glib, surly and completely inaccurate response to new law.

Texas State Rep., if Reelected, Will Reintroduce Popular Anti-TSA Bill

Foreign Press Rents Tel Aviv Rooftops To Cover Iran War
That way they can get great photo ops and pictures of missiles wreaking havoc on the city.

Will Iran Be Attacked?

Syrian Signals: Assad ‘ready for talks’ after meeting Lavrov
Members of the Syrian opposition say they would welcome Russia mediating talks with the Syrian authorities.

CNN: US preparing military contingencies for Syria

Foreign Embassies in Israel Plan Evacuation, Request Gas Masks
Foreign embassies are organizing contingency plans for the evacuation of their nationals and diplomats and are requesting gas masks from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Protesters burn German flag in austerity protest
Scuffles broke out and a German flag was burned outside the Greek parliament as thousands of protesters demanded an end to proposed EU-backed austerity measures.

Why Is Global Shipping Slowing Down So Dramatically?
If the global economy is not heading for a recession, then why is global shipping slowing down so dramatically?

Dollar and America on the Road to Ruin

Red-Light Cameras Boost Coffers, Rile Drivers: Infowars Nightly News
California has the most expensive red-light camera tickets in the world.

Britain: Royal Society Report Discusses Development Neural Interface for Weapons Systems
…and much, much more.

Diet soda again linked to heart attacks and strokes – But Diet Coke remains a top supporter of Heart for Truth
Diet drinks have an evil side.

White House, US Courts & EPA Shaft Veterans to Protect Monsanto
American veterans and the entire country of Viet Nam affected by Agent Orange have been shafted beyond imagination.

Bill Clears Path For 30,000 Surveillance Drones Over US In Next Ten Years
Critics warn military industrial complex pushing US “willy-nilly toward an era of aerial surveillance”.

Spying on Europe’s farms with satellites and drones

The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows
The discovery has stunned scientists.

Freedom Hating Globalists Continue Attack on Constitution and Liberty
New York Times publishes front page article depicting Constitution as archaic and outdated.

Paul Campaign Forges Ahead With Strong Minnesota Showing
Congressman Surges To Second In National Poll.

Putin: West cannot ‘behave like elephant in china shop’ in Syria
“A cult of violence has been coming to the fore in international affairs in the past decade,”

Keeping the Global Monetary System Afloat, Postponing Massive Debt Default
There are many ways for sovereigns to sell their bonds or roll over existing bonds, and one of those wrinkles we mentioned last week.

Proponents of Gold Standard May Be Violent Extremists; Report ALL Suspicious Activity To the FBI
If you support sound money backed by the gold standard then you may soon receive a visit from your local DHS/FBI office.

Government Bailout Actually Hurt Housing Recovery: Zell
Government intervention has prevented the real estate market from healing, with the commercial sector hit especially hard, investor Sam Zell said.

Ron Paul places second in Minnesota caucus
“when the dust settles, I think there’s a very good chance that we’re going to have the maximum number of delegates coming out of Minnesota.”

Ron Paul says GOP result ‘opens up the door’

Massive Evidence Of Vote Fraud In Nevada
The beneficiary of these recurring vote counting “mistakes” always seems to be Mitt Romney.

The Coming Global EPA’s Gestapo Units with Marc Morano
Marc Morano is the executive editor and chief correspondent for

Canada allows spy agency to use info obtained through torture
The Canadian government has given the country’s spy agency the green light to use information extracted from suspects through torture.

According To A New DHS Report, If You Love “Individual Liberty” Of If You “Believe In Conspiracy Theories” You Are A Potential Terrorist
Do you love America? Are you against a one world economy and a one world government?

Rising temperatures at Fukushima raise questions over stability of nuclear plant
The amount of cooling water being injected into No 2 reactor is increased after temperature soars to over 73C.

Why Shame Matters: The Moral Limits of American Power
The key to understanding Iran’s view of the emerging war with the United States and Israel is the story of Karbala.

Any American Who Criticizes the Government May Be Labeled a Terrorist
The Department of Homeland Security and police forces label anyone who they disagree with – or who disagrees with government policies – as “terrorists”.


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