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Ron Paul: Focus On Delegates, Not ‘Must-Win’ States
Rep. Ron Paul said Saturday evening that he did not consider any states “must-win” for his campaign.

Ron Paul’s Nevada Caucus Speech: Markets Are More Powerful than Governments!
In Maine caucuses, it’s Romney v. Paul
Poll: Ron Paul is the GOP’s best bet against Obama in New Hampshire
Rep. Paul: Repeal Patriot Act, NDAA

Armed Groups Inside Syria: Prelude to a US-NATO Intervention?
Russia and China have vetoed the UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria.

Russia vetoes anti-Assad UN motion after preparing Special Forces for Syria
Report: Syria’s Assad releases alleged al-Qaida mastermind of 2005 London bombings
Security Council Showdown on Syria

Occupy Austin Evicted
At 10.45pm last night, after days of speculation and rumor, Occupy Austin was evicted from the steps of City Hall.

Hitler would have loved The Singularity: Mind-blowing benefits of merging human brains and computers
Now it seems scientists are about to make the Vulcan mind meld a reality – and go far beyond it.

Americans talk about an Israeli strike on Iran, but prepare own offensive
There are far more extensive American, Saudi, British, French and Gulf states’ preparations going forward for an offensive against the Islamic Republic.

Less than One-Fifth of All Americans Favor Military or Covert Action Against Iran
Santorum: Iran would nuke Missouri
Iran begins war games in Strait of Hormuz
Globalist Dennis Ross Admits Iran Attack Possible

Beware The Ides of March in 2012: The Double Blow of Economic Collapse And World War Is Coming
The world economy is on the brink of a crisis that will end modern civilization as we know it.

Exposed: The Arab agenda in Syria
Here’s a crash course on the “democratic” machinations of the Arab League.

The Inner Workings of Secret Societies with Fritz Springmeier
Fritz Springmeier joins the program again to expose the frontmen of the Illuminati, and the bloodlines behind the powers that rule our world.

Diminishment of Sovereignty
Alex talks the economy with regular Friday guest Bob Chapman, publisher of the International Forecaster.

Contrary to Government Claims of 243,000 Jobs Created, Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs Were Actually LOST In January
I Can’t Take It Anymore! When Will The Government Quit Putting Out Fraudulent Employment Statistics?

Domesticated Through Foods with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs
Alex talks with registered pharmacist, nutritionist, and cosmetic chemist Ben Fuchs in-studio.

FDA is GMO Friendly Under Monsanto’s Michael Taylor: Infowars Nighlty News

Anti-SOPA forces have ISP snooping bill in their crosshairs
Rep. Lamar Smith, author of the Stop Online Piracy Act, is being targeted a second time.

CDC Now Pushes Gardasil HPV Shot on All Boys 11 to 12
Will hundreds of more websites soon be popping up telling the tragic tales of young men whose life was riddled with adverse effects after receiving the Gardasil vaccine?

Snow falls in Rome for the first time in 26 YEARS as temperatures fall to -36c
Temperatures have plummeted as low as -36c in parts of Ukraine and Siberia.

Netanyahu: Stop Iran ‘Chatter’
Netanyahu urges Likud ministers to avoid making statements on possible strike in Iran; ‘Chatter causes extensive damage,’ he says.

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Homeland Security Will Use The Excuse Of A Wartime Crisis To Liquidate The Resistance To The Police State
The threat that most unsettles the criminal U.S. ruling class is not the threat of Iran or the threat of terrorism, but the threat of a second American revolution.

Europe Rises Up Against ACTA
Widespread Protests Are Starting to Turn the Tide Against Anti-Democratic Bill.

The Real Economic Picture
Do you see a recovery despite all the recovery hype from politicians and the financial media?

The Euro Zone and the Crisis of Sovereign Debt
Cashless Society: Bank of America Refuses Cash for Mortgage Payment

Congress Welcomes Drones Into American Skies ASAP
The stage has already been set and played upon for divisions of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to patrol and strike undeclared war zones abroad.

Elite Campaign to Re-Elect Obama in Full Swing?
From the Washington Post, we learn that “January job gains have economists rethinking outlooks.”

Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight
Ron Paul appeared on Piers Morgan tonight for a full hour last night ahead of the caucuses this weekend.

Marc Faber: “Ron Paul Would Be A Very Good President”

Big brother now spies on journalists, keeps records of online activity
What began as a simple program to address safety and security issues at the 2010 Winter Olympics has become a massive online spying operation targeted at journalists and writers.

According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity

Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling The Constitution
This tableau is called “The Forgotten Man”, a painting by Jon McNaughton.

Feds Seize 300 Websites: Infowars Nightly News
In the news, co-host Rob Dew covers the news that over 300 more websites have been seized by the federal government.

ATF Plotted Against 2nd Amendment Using Fast and Furious
Infowars Nightly News Co-host Rob Dew covers the latest developments with the Fast and Furious scandal.

The Problem in America is Big Government
Alex covers a host of topics, including Homeland Security’s nose under the NFL tent, ramping up last year’s TSA-style patdowns for Superbowl attendees.

EU says Google should ‘halt’ its upcoming privacy changes that share user details across search, Gmail and YouTube
European regulators have written to Google CEO Larry Page calling on the search giant to halt the introduction of its new ‘one-size-fits-all’ privacy policy.

Muslim sales manager arrested as terrorist for call to ‘blow away’ the competition
A Muslim businessman in Canada became a terror suspect for telling his sales staff in a text message to “blow away” the competition at a New York City trade show.


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