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Inside The Mind Of Charlie Sheen
Following the controversy caused by Charlie Sheen's wild and rampaging appearance on The Alex Jones Show, it's necessary to understand why the actor is so angry, if only to set the record straight on a number of issues that have been misconstrued by the establishment media, as well as explaining why Infowars and Alex Jones are involving themselves with the machinations of the entertainment industry.

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Homeland Security To Scan DNA
The Homeland Security Department this summer plans to begin testing a DNA analyzer that’s small enough to be easily portable and fast enough to return results in less than an hour.

Perceptions And Facts About The War On Terror
American philosopher and author Robert Anton Wilson, who died four years ago at the age of 74, tried to awaken us to the fact that the “world is not governed by facts or logic,” but by “belief systems.” The priests of power in the United States understand this well, and they have used their knowledge to rule over the ignorant people below them, and keep America in the dark.

Analysis of the Global Insurrection Against Neo-Liberal Economic Domination and the Coming American Rebellion
If you think what’s happening in Egypt won’t happen within the United States, you’ve been watching too much TV. The statistics speak for themselves.

The Flood Of Money Drowns Out The Value
The world is awash in dollars and that is being reflected in the USDX, which are six major currencies versus the dollar. The loss of value is being loudly trumpeted as the IMF says a replacement must be found.

Is Barack Obama About To Order The U.S. Military To Invade Libya?
As insane as it might sound, the United States may soon be getting involved in another war in the Middle East. According to White House spokesman Jay Carney, “no options” have been taken off the table when it comes to the situation in Libya.

War Uber Alles

Mob Robbers And Rampant Looting: Is This The Future Of America?
Have you ever heard of mob robberies? What happens is that dozens of young people storm a store at the same time, take whatever they want, and then storm out as powerless store clerks watch helplessly.

Opinion – Alex Jones: A Heroic Voice
Alex Jones is exposing this political reality. He is not perfect. No human being is perfect. But he is an honorable man who is telling the truth to millions of people, and waking up the sleeping giant in America, and because of that I will defend him as best as I can. Takes 1st Place in Alternative News Rating

Protesters In Egypt Say Military Using Force
Egyptian soldiers fired in the air and used batons in the early hours of Saturday to disperse activists demanding the cabinet appointed by Hosni Mubarak be purged by the country’s new military leaders, protesters said.

Iran Reports a Major Setback at a Nuclear Power Plant
Iran told atomic inspectors this week that it had run into a serious problem at a newly completed nuclear reactor that was supposed to start feeding electricity into the national grid this month, raising questions about whether the trouble was sabotage, a startup problem, or possibly the beginning of the project’s end.

More Civilians Killed Last Year in One Mexican Border Town Than All Afghanistan
More civilians were killed last year in Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican city across the border from El Paso, Texas, than were killed in all of Afghanistan.

For chronic truants, a GPS program can help them make the grade
Where curfews and fines have failed, Anaheim officials say GPS devices help keep students in class.

The Real Revolution
As Washington plunges the Middle East and North Africa into chaos, and city by city collapses into the hands of globalist stooges, many have mistakenly interpreted this “change” as a positive transformation.

Obama says Kadhafi must ‘leave now’: White House
President Barack Obama said Saturday that Libya’s leader Moamer Kadhafi needs to “leave now,” having lost the legitimacy to rule, a White House statement said.

Rebel army may be formed as Tripoli fails to oust Gaddafi

Chinese police face down Middle East-style protests
Police and security officials displayed a massive show of force here and in other Chinese cities Sunday, trying to snuff out any hint of protests modeled on the uprisings in the Middle East. In Shanghai, several hundred people trying to gather were dispersed with a water truck.

Protests Spread To Vietnam
Anti-Government Protests Break Out In Croatia

North Korea threatens military action over South Korea campaign
Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets Friday in a nationwide “Day of Rage” inspired by uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations

Protesters out in force nationwide to oppose Wisconsin’s anti-union bill
Up to 100,000 rally in Madison while hundreds show up in dozens of other cities to combat the Republican-backed measure that would limit collective bargaining rights for most public workers in Wisconsin.

First U.S. scientist to die of plague in 50 years worked in labs with ‘harmless’ bacteria
A scientist died after becoming the first American researcher to contract the plague in 50 years, it has been revealed.

UN Meets to Debate Libya Sanctions as Qaddafi Vows to Fight
The United Nations will debate imposing sanctions on Libya today after Muammar Qaddafi told loyalists he’s prepared to arm them to fight opposition forces holding the eastern part of the country.

Colonel Qaddafi Secretly Moved $4.8 Billion Of His Own Money To London Last Week
UK paying ‘bribes’ to free trapped Britons

“If law fails, CIA will assassinate Assange”
Judge Howard Riddle, the bane of Julian Assange’s existence for the past three months, has granted Sweden’s extradition request. The WikiLeaks founder has already repealed the ruling, but his worst fears have been cemented: the rape charges are going to follow him for the rest of his life, perhaps even after years of repeals. Former Reagan Administration Paul Craig Roberts says there is a concerted effort to shut Assange up. If the legal attempt fails, he’ll be assassinated by a CIA assassination team.

Greenback Armageddon Ahead?
Why the dollar is about to crash, with Damon Vickers, Nine Points Capital Management founder, and “The Day After Dollar Crash” author.

Government Promises to Cut Social Security
It’s official, national austerity measures are here.

Politicians Slash Budget of Watchdog Agencies … Guaranteeing that Financial Fraud Won’t Be Investigated or Prosecuted
As I noted last year, you can tell how interested Congress and the White House are in uncovering the truth by looking at how much money is actually budgeted for investigation.

Soccer Moms Driving MUVs (Mammoth Utility Vehicles) Caused Mega-Drought 16,000 Years Ago
An expansive megadrought that parched ancient Africa and southern Asia about 16,000 years ago was one of the most intense and far-reaching dry periods in the history of modern humans, new climate research indicates.



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