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Neocon Analysts Push for Invasion of Libya
CNN reports the Pentagon and NATO are ready to send troops into Libya under the cover of humanitarian assistance. CNN underscores the situation by stating that reports say Gaddafi will fight to the end and will seek martyrdom.

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Saudi Arabia Raises Oil Output By 8% To Over 9 Million Barrels Per Day
As we reported yesterday, Saudi Arabia which following its latest recreation of Helicopter Ben’s money parachuting experiment to buy its people’s love, suddenly has found itself in a fiscal crunch, has no choice but to increase general oil sales revenues.

WikiLeaks Threat: Will US torture Assange?
For some perspective from the US RT talks to Sara Flounders from the American activist group International Action Center.

U.S. envoy’s name blocked in latest run-in with China
China has blocked a microblog search of the Chinese name of the U.S. ambassador after he was seen near a pro-democracy gathering, the latest in a series of run-ins between a possible U.S. presidential candidate and the Communist Party.

Sheen On Obama: "A Coward In a Cheap Suit"
Amidst the controversy of his wild interview on the Alex Jones Show yesterday, actor Charlie Sheen wasted little time in confronting President Barack Obama on his failure to answer Sheen's twenty questions concerning 9/11, calling Obama, "a coward in a cheap suit."

Trends Journal Predicted Global Anti-Gov’t Protests: What’s Next?
It is a matter of record! The spate of seething, youth-inspired Middle East uprisings that are toppling governments, reshaping the geopolitical landscape and roiling world markets blindsided the world’s intelligence community.

Globalist Shill Barack Obama Asks Business Leaders For Job Creation Ideas Even As He Ships More Of Our Jobs Overseas As Part Of The New One World Economy
The other day, Barack Obama summoned a group of business and labor leaders to the White House and “challenged” them to come up with some great ideas for creating more jobs inside the United States.

It’s Not an Arab Revolution … It’s a GLOBAL Revolution
While the revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and other North African countries may seem like an “Arab revolt”, it’s actually worldwide.

What You Need To Know About Buying Silver At A Time When Even The Canadian Mint Says “It Has Sold Everything It Has”
Adjusted Monetary Base Goes Vertical

Wisconsin police officers dispatched to Democratic senators homes
Wisconsin patrol officers have been dispatched to the homes of Democratic state senators to pressure the lawmakers to return to the Senate and vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

At Smithsonian, Americana ‘Made in China’
Tens of millions flock to the Smithsonian museums in Washington each year to see Americana — everything from Abraham Lincoln’s top hat to Archie Bunker’s chair.

Several states consider loosening raw milk restrictions as FDA tries to tighten them
As the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates ways to further restrict Americans’ access to raw milk and raw milk products, several US states are considering legislation to loosen the regulatory noose that limits freedom of food choice.

Madison Mayor, Police Chief Demand Explanation Over Walker Suggestion To Infiltrate Wisconsin Protests
The Mayor and the police chief of Madison, Wisconsin have both asked Governor Scott Walker to explain comments he made indicating that he had considered employing “troublemakers” to infiltrate and discredit the Wisconsin protests.

Wisconsin Assembly approves plan to curb unions

Libyan rebels say control oil fields, honour deals
Rebels in eastern Libya said on Friday they now controlled most of the oil fields east of the town of Ras Lanuf, and said they would honour oil deals as long as they were in the interest of the people.

Libya oil production to shut down completely-BofA

Bankster Economist Heralds Third World Hellholes
The banksters are making it known. You’re going to be a pauper. The mega-bank Citigroup has trotted out its prime economist to send the message.

Protesters Killed as Iraqis Stage ‘Day of Rage’ Protest
Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets Friday in a nationwide “Day of Rage” inspired by uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations

Covert US Military Support For Libya Opposition
Libya’s Qaddafi stands between the United States and their campaign of destabilization and regime change across the oil laden region. Not only does this stall the Anglo-American agenda, it also sets a precedence of defiance other sovereign nations may duplicate under similar US-backed instability.

Lockerbie Bombing: Libya was Framed
Production at Libya’s Amal field normal- source
Libyan crackdown ‘escalates’ – UN
Libya and Imperialism

Soaring Food Prices in India Lead to Protests
Food inflation continues unabated in India. Since 2009, the price of milk, wheat, rice, pulses, and potatoes — staple food items — have risen by double digit percentages, putting the average urban household living on $4,000 per year under further strain.

SPLC Offers Their Own Hate Speech Directed at Patriots, Legislators and States
The Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again, demonizing free speech and constitutional ideas. On February 23rd, the SPLC released a report entitled, “US Hate Groups Top 1,000” wherein they lump neo-Nazi skinheads, violent extremists and “constitutional patriots” into the same category.

Become A Teacher? 10 Examples That Show Why Becoming A Teacher Is A Dead End In This Economy
Today budget cutters are on the rampage from coast to coast and often one of their first targets is public school teachers. What we have witnessed recently in Wisconsin is just one example of this.

Shutdown skedaddle: Congress deserted as deadline looms
With the clock ticking to a March 4 government shutdown, you might imagine the Capitol would be buzzing with lawmakers seeking to cut deals, make impassioned speeches and do everything they could to strike a deal on spending.

Boycott the UK census over links to Lockheed Martin, protesters say
People are being urged to boycott next month’s UK’s census because the US arms manufacturer responsible for Trident is involved in gathering the information.

Google Announces Massive Algorithm Change, Declares War On Content Farms, Including Demand Media
Google just changed its search algorithm and effectively declared war on Content Farms like Demand Media.



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