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Charlie Sheen Unleashes On TSA
Actor Charlie Sheen unleashed on the TSA during a wild radio interview on The Alex Jones Show today, raging that he would eat the hands of any TSA worker who tried to touch his children, in response to the story that TSA agen
ts harassed travelers and groped children in Savannah train station earlier this month after the passengers had left the train.

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Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in “psychological operations” to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war, Rolling Stone has learned – and when an officer tried to stop the operation, he was railroaded by military investigators.

‘Assange extradition ruling a blatant piece of victimization’
The founder of the controversial whistleblowing website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, will be sent to Sweden to face sex crime charges. A London Court has just ruled that Stockholm’s extradition bid has been successful. Lawyers for Assange have a week to appeal Thursday’s decision. For more on the Assange we talk to investigative journalist Tony Gosling.

New Pathogen Found in Roundup Ready GM Crops Causes Spontaneous Abortions and Infertility in Livestock?
The new pathogen appears associated with serious pervasive diseases in plants – sudden death syndrome in soybean and Goss’ wilt in corn – but its suspected effects on livestock is alarming. Huber refers to “recent reports of infertility rates in dairy heifers of over 20%, and spontaneous abortions in cattle as high as 45%.”

Governor Walker: "We Thought About" Infiltrating Wisconsin Protesters With Troublemakers
During a prank phone call in which he believed he was talking to billionaire philanthropist David Koch, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker admitted that state authorities had "thought about" using troublemakers to infiltrate the crowds demonstrating against his effort to eliminate collective bargaining rights, proving once again that the use of agent provocateurs to discredit legitimate protesters is a common political ploy.

Gov. Scott Walker threatens layoffs if Democrats don’t return to vote
‘Use live ammunition’ against Wisconsin protesters, Indiana official says

Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is to be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of rape and sexual assault. Assange will appeal, his legal team confirmed. If this is unsuccessful, he will be extradited to Sweden in 10 days.

Government Infiltrates Terror Cells Time and Again … But Fails to Stop Attacks
It’s amazing how governments infiltrate terror cells time and again, but then fail to actually stop the attacks.

Oil Is Making Another Gigantic Move, And Now US Futures Are Getting Hammered
Crude is having another huge. Brent is near $120. WTI is over $101. The spike happened right when London trading open.

Stagflation 2011: Why It Is Here And Why It Is Going To Be Very Painful
Socialism Gone Apeshit: Obama Wants To Use Proceeds From $20 Billion Fraudclosure Settlement To Reduce Underwater Mortgages
Public Debt is Like a Giant Ponzi Scheme

Indiana lawmakers pass immigration curbs like Arizona
The Indiana senate passed a sweeping immigration bill that echoes Arizona’s tougher measures on illegal immigrants and despite opposition from some of the largest employers and business groups in the state.

Why Has Google Been Collecting Kids’ Social Security Numbers Under the Guise of an Art Contest?
As the director of The Cartel documentary, one of the things I learned was how poorly the traditional news media cover issues pertaining to children, in that case corruption in public education.

Supreme Court Immunizes Vaccine Makers Against Lawsuits
In a 6-2 decision, the Supreme Court voted to protect pharmaceutical companies from liability when their vaccines cause debilitating injuries and death.

George Mason University study figures out what I already knew: Climategate had a major impact on TV meteorologists

Media Demonizes Gaddafi as Pentagon Prepares Attack
As we reported yesterday, the United States has specific instructions to intervene militarily in Libya under the cover of providing humanitarian assistance. Less than 24 hours after our report, the Pentagon has announced it is looking at “all options” in dealing with the Libyan crisis. In short, it is drawing up plans to intervene.

FLASHBACK: Gaddafi – Obama Is Friend, Black Man From Our Continent Of Arab Descent
U.S. Fears Tripoli May Deploy Gas As Chaos Mounts

SPLC Report Lumps In We Are Change With Neo-Nazis, KKK
The Southern Poverty Law Center has a history of declaring any protest group it sees as “anti-government” as an “extremist” hate group, without justification. Today it continues that trend with the publication of a report that throws in We Are Change members nationwide with racist Neo Nazi groups and Ku Klux Klan factions.

Gas Prices Set to Rise Nearly 40 Cents in Coming Days
Earlier this week, market analysts warned that the price of gas may reach $5 by the end of summer. Now they are saying we could see that price by Memorial Day as the situation in Libya deteriorates.

Saudi Arabia in talks to boost oil supplies
Crude breaches $119 in frantic trading

Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True
When George Orwell (pen name of Eric Blair) first published his famous novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, it was the year 1949, and it told a dark story of what he envisioned life may be like in the future-in the year 1984.

Glenn Beck’s Secret
The truth Beck doesn’t want you to know.

Libya: The Rest of the Story
When Qaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, accused foreigners and opposition groups of fomenting unrest within Libya, it appears no truer words have been spoken. It is not surprising BBC and the rest of the corporate owned media went through extensive measures to discredit his speech.

Obama Prepares Invasion Of Libya Under Humanitarian Cover
The United States Government Kills Its Own People, Too

Five People Killed As Protests Shift To North Korea: Government Mobilizes In Preparation For Violent Demonstrations
Freedom fighter Bernie Bernanke’s has just carved another notch in his liberation bed post. With everyone expecting Saudi Arabia to fall next, or even South Korea, following days of consistently unreported bank runs, it is North Korea which takes tonight’s gray swan award.

Saudi ruler offers $36bn to stave off uprising amid warning oil price could double
The king of Saudi Arabia last night announced $36bn (£22bn) of extra benefits for his people in an attempt to stop the wave of Arab uprisings spreading to the world’s biggest oil exporter, as experts warned Brent crude could hit $220 a barrel.

FEMA Was In New Zealand When Quake Struck
Why all these “coincidences” involving natural disasters? Are they not “natural” after all?

Nervous China puts security apparatus into overdrive
Sitting last week in his cramped Beijing flat just beyond the city’s fifth ring road, Teng Biao talked about a joke he used to share with Liu Xiaobo, the imprisoned activist who won last year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Mr Liu would tease him about his ability to continue working as a human rights lawyer without being sent to jail.

Dr. Bob Bowman: Star Wars
Former Director of the Star Wars program, Dr. Robert M. Bowman, spoke with Alex Jones and crew in an exclusive for — Coming in March 2011.

Wealthy Businessman Linked to Congo Gold Smuggling Jet [Wait for It] ‘Was Recently Appointed to an Advisory Post in the Obama Administration’
A private jet that flew four international businessmen to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where they are being held on gold-smuggling allegations was provided by CAMAC International, a Houston oil-trading company owned by one of the city’s richest men and a brother of one of the passengers.



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