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Ron Paul wins CPAC presidential straw poll again
For the second year running, Texas congressman Ron Paul came out on top among conservative Republicans in a “straw poll” contest to gauge popularity ahead of the 2012 presidential race.

Ron Paul to U.S. Government: Stop Propping Up Dictators

Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts
Internet providers were shut down and Facebook accounts deleted across Algeria on Saturday as thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were arrested in violent street demonstrations.

Algeria Internet Not Shut Down, According To Renesys Analysis

Fannie, Freddie bailout: $153 billion … and counting
When the dust settles, the federal bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be the most expensive government rescue of the financial crisis — it already stands at $153 billion and counting.

Swine flu vaccine linked to 900 percent increased risk of developing narcolepsy
The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently investigating reports from 12 different countries claiming that the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccination is responsible for causing narcolepsy, a disorder involving extreme chronic fatigue and the tendency to fall asleep suddenly and without warning.

Judge gives go-ahead to add fluoride to city’s tap water supply – despite overwhelming public opposition
Plans to add fluoride to tap water in a major city were endorsed by a judge yesterday despite overwhelming public opposition.

Ron Paul At CPAC: ‘Government is in the process of failing’
Is he running for US Senate? Is he signaling his bid for US president? Or is he hinting at something deeper within the US political climate?

Paul gets CPAC crowd on their feet
Rand Paul CPAC Speech: Calls For Cuts From Entitlements, Defense Spending

21 Signs That The Once Great U.S. Economy Is Being Gutted, Neutered, Defanged, Declawed And Deindustrialized
Once upon a time, the United States was the greatest industrial powerhouse that the world has ever seen. Our immense economic machinery was the envy of the rest of the globe and it provided the foundation for the largest and most vibrant middle class in the history of the world.

Female Opt-Out Alert! TSA Miami
When it was my turn, I politely said that I would like to opt out. “Seriously?” the first TSA worker asked me with a raised eyebrow. Yes, seriously.

A New Low BBC compares ‘climate change deniers’ to ‘pedophiles’ and ‘racists’
…this casual use of a phrase, in this context associated with paedophiles, guaranteed to make people think at least twice about being called a ‘climate change deniar’.

David Icke: There’s Been NO REVOLUTION So Far
I have been watching the understandable euphoria in Egypt live on Al Jazeera television, but please, there must be a sense of perspective here – and urgently.

Does America Need an Egyptian-Style Non-Violent Revolution?
Egypt’s army clashes with protesters
Now revolution takes hold in Algeria: Hundreds arrested as ’30,000' riot police try to quell democracy march inspired by downfall of Hosni Mubarak
The Faulty Economic Model Behind America’s Support for Dictators (Instead of Democracies)
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Yemeni Protesters March on Palace
Anti-government protesters clashed with police trying to prevent them from marching toward Yemen’s presidential palace in Sanaa on Sunday, witnesses said.

US lawmaker unveils Internet, finance privacy bills
Cheered on by civil liberties advocates and consumer groups, a US lawmaker introduced legislation Friday to help safeguard Internet users’ privacy and rein in dissemination of personal financial data.

FBI can obtain phone records without oversight, Justice Dept memo claims
Without court oversight, the nation’s top law enforcement agency can obtain domestic records of telephone conversations made to international receivers, the Justice Department claimed recently.

The Founding Fathers Would Be Proud of the People of Egypt … And Disgusted With the People of America
America’s founding fathers stood up for their freedom, winning it from the British (with the help of the French). The Egyptian people have stood up for their freedom, winning it from the Mubarak dictatorship (with the help of the army, which refused to fire a shot at the people, and may even have helped convince Mubarak to leave.

Egypt’s fate may hang on actions of army
Israelis divided on how to respond to Egypt turmoil
Algeria police plan to stifle Egypt-inspired protest
Stepped Down: ‘If Omar Suleiman makes grab for power he’s more stupid than Mubarak’
Ron Paul: US to blame for Egypt chaos
Hosni Mubarak resigns: Switzerland to freeze assets of ousted ruler

The Road To Oppression Is Paved With Bad Intentions
The current situation exceeds anything Orwell had ever conceived.

Kucinich: Obama should face liberal primary challenger in 2012
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) said Thursday that President Barack Obama “absolutely” ought to face a Democratic primary challenge from the left in 2012, predicting it would make him “stronger.”

Los Angeles gets tough with political protesters
For acts of political protest that his predecessor treated as mere infractions, Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich is seeking jail time.



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