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Ron Paul At CPAC: ‘Government is in the process of failing’
Is he running for US Senate? Is he signaling his bid for US president? Or is he hinting at something deeper within the US political climate?

Paul gets CPAC crowd on their feet
Rand Paul CPAC Speech: Calls For Cuts From Entitlements, Defense Spending
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

21 Signs That The Once Great U.S. Economy Is Being Gutted, Neutered, Defanged, Declawed And Deindustrialized
Once upon a time, the United States was the greatest industrial powerhouse that the world has ever seen. Our immense economic machinery was the envy of the rest of the globe and it provided the foundation for the largest and most vibrant middle class in the history of the world.

Female Opt-Out Alert! TSA Miami
When it was my turn, I politely said that I would like to opt out. “Seriously?” the first TSA worker asked me with a raised eyebrow. Yes, seriously.

A New Low BBC compares ‘climate change deniers’ to ‘pedophiles’ and ‘racists’
…this casual use of a phrase, in this context associated with paedophiles, guaranteed to make people think at least twice about being called a ‘climate change deniar’.

Trump: Ron Paul Has Zero Chance Of Beating Obama
Prospective presidential candidate Donald Trump caused a sensation at the start of yesterday's CPAC event when he dismissed Ron Paul's chances of beating Obama in 2012, saying the Texas Congressman had "zero chance" of winning the election.

Stratfor Reports Mubarak Has Already Left Country, Speech Prerecorded
Always better keep the plane fueled, the gold down in the cargo hold, and the non-extradition treaty countries on speed dial.

ElBaradei: ‘Egypt will explode’
EU calls for a new government in Egypt as President Mubarak stubbornly clings on to power
U.S. Director of National Intelligence: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is “Largely Secular” and “Has Eschewed Violence and Decried Al Qaeda”
America’s Strategic Repression of the ‘Arab Awakening’

Group plans to beam free Internet across the globe from space
The charity group A Human Right said it was planning to purchase a satellite that would provide free basic Internet access to developing countries around the world.

Mexico rejects Monsanto’s GMO corn
Mexican officials seem to have more common sense than American officials, with their continued denouncement of Monsanto’s genetically-modified (GM) corn.

Multiculturalism has failed, says French president
French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

‘Doomsday’ asteroid could slam into the Earth on April 13, 2036… but don’t worry, we’ll have seven years’ warning
An asteroid travelling at 23,000mph could crash into Earth on April 13, 2036 killing millions and causing global chaos, scientists claim.

Could An Eruption Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Destroy The United States As We Know It?
The Weather Isn’t Getting Weirder

The Founding Fathers Would Be Proud of the People of Egypt … And Disgusted With the People of America
America’s founding fathers stood up for their freedom, winning it from the British (with the help of the French). The Egyptian people have stood up for their freedom, winning it from the Mubarak dictatorship (with the help of the army, which refused to fire a shot at the people, and may even have helped convince Mubarak to leave.

Egypt’s fate may hang on actions of army
Israelis divided on how to respond to Egypt turmoil
Algeria police plan to stifle Egypt-inspired protest
Stepped Down: ‘If Omar Suleiman makes grab for power he’s more stupid than Mubarak’
Ron Paul: US to blame for Egypt chaos
Hosni Mubarak resigns: Switzerland to freeze assets of ousted ruler

The Road To Oppression Is Paved With Bad Intentions
The current situation exceeds anything Orwell had ever conceived.

Kucinich: Obama should face liberal primary challenger in 2012
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) said Thursday that President Barack Obama “absolutely” ought to face a Democratic primary challenge from the left in 2012, predicting it would make him “stronger.”

Los Angeles gets tough with political protesters
For acts of political protest that his predecessor treated as mere infractions, Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich is seeking jail time.

‘War criminal!’: Ron Paul backers crash Cheney-Rumsfeld reunion
Fans of Ron Paul turned what should have been a friendly moment before an audience of fellow conservatives into a screaming match and protest action that resembled what a Cheney-Rumsfeld hug at the Netroots Nation convention might look like.

Is the Government Exaggerating the Threat of Terror for Political Purposes?
The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security – Janet Napolitano – just told congress that the U.S. might be facing the greatest threat of terrorist attacks since 9/11.

Nanothermite in WTC Dust Samples: Scientific Analysis
Physician Steven Jones, one of the scientists who discovered thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center, explains in detail the scientific method at the base of his discovery. He discusses the origin of the dust samples of the WTC and the nanothermite.

Shocking New IMF Report: The U.S. Dollar Needs To Be Replaced As The World Reserve Currency And SDRs “Could Constitute An Embryo Of Global Currency”
The IMF is trying to move the world away from the U.S. dollar and towards a global currency once again. In a new report entitled “Enhancing International Monetary Stability—A Role for the SDR”, the IMF details the “problems” with having the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the globe and the IMF discusses the potential for a larger role for SDRs (Special Drawing Rights).

CBO Director Says Obamacare Would Reduce Employment by 800,000 Workers
Testifying today before the House Budget Committee, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf confirmed that Obamacare is expected to reduce the number of jobs in the labor market by an estimated 800,000.

Goldman Sachs Not So Bullish About Gold
“Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?”



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