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Obama Energy Secretary Promises “Massive” Coal Plant Closures
Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu has launched the next phase of the White House’s publicly stated agenda to bankrupt the coal industry via EPA regulations after announcing the prospect of “massive” coal plant closures even as Texas and other states suffer rolling blackouts as a result of maxed-out power plants that cannot cope with demand.

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Warmist’s Answer to High Food Prices: “Climate Tax” On Milk and Meat.
As you no doubt have read in the papers, or seen on the TV news, food prices have recently shot up, leading the warmists to blame global warming, of course. Sensible people point to the insane practice of turning food into biofuels that no one wants. but everyone is feeling the pinch of higher food prices, with the poor especially hard hit by the rise.

Faith and Fear: Christians fleeing Iraq victims of US invasion?
Violence and intimidation has forced hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians to flee their homeland. Experts view them as one of the biggest victims of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, with the minority group a continued target of extremists.

WikiLeaks insider dishes dirt on Assange

White House Lies On Blackouts Exposed
We have become used to seeing politicians distort the truth, but when such lies are brazenly plastered all over the front page of the White House website, it really highlights how much contempt the government has for the intelligence of the American people.

Who are Egypt’s Protesters?
AlJazeera, CNN, BBC, and many more have flooded our TV screens showing us the passionate youth of Egypt struggling in the streets for democracy.

Cables: FBI trained Egypt’s state security ‘torturers’
Saudis told Obama to back Mubarak

The Saudi Royal Court Has Denied Rumors Of King Abdullah’s Death
The Saudi Royal court has denied rumors of King Abdullah’s death, according to Nour Hammoury and Ayman Khlifat on twitter.

The Founding Fathers Didn’t Drink British Tea
Yes things are bad, but what can we do? Intolerable acts drove colonial men subjected to the sting of tyranny into action over two centuries years ago.

Huge volcano under Yellowstone Park rising
The huge volcano under Yellowstone National Park has been rising at an unprecedented rate during the past several years, according to a new study.

Kucinich: Keep the Government Out of Our Daily Lives
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today took to the floor of the House to oppose the effort to reauthorize expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Act.

Sen. Rand Paul Opposes PATRIOT Act Renewal

Pain Leads Art Professor to Remove “Third Eye” Camera From Head
A New York City professor’s controversial art project is becoming quite a headache – literally.

Wind Turbines Are Useless And Cost More Money To Run Than The Energy They Produce
Passed by millions of drivers a year, it is one of England’s best known wind turbines. It is also one of its most useless.

Climategate 2.0
CF light bulbs a serious healand th hazard to women children due to mercury content

Big Sis Breaks Out “Heightened” Terror Alert As PATRIOT ACT Extension Heads Back To House Floor
Defeat for the proposed extension of the so called PATRIOT Act in the House Tuesday night made national headlines, yet the extension is set to pass by the end of the week anyway as it is brought back to the floor for another vote. But just in case anyone in Congress reaches the sudden epiphany that they are effectively voting on the Enabling Act, Big Sis Janet Napolitano has officially notified a congressional panel that the US faces the greatest possibility of a major terror attack since 9/11.

Video: Alex Jones Exposes DHS Terror Fraud
Hitler finds out about the DHS Emergency Alert System and the See Something Say Something Campaign

Egypt: Hosni Mubarak Expected To Resign Today
A senior member of Egypt’s governing party has told the BBC he “hopes” that President Hosni Mubarak will transfer power to Vice-President Omar Suleiman.

Cry Freedom: Cairo Crowds Shred the Lies of the Power Players

Liberals Surprised and Outraged by Sale of Huffington Post to AOL
Once again, liberals and Democrats demonstrate they are clueless about how establishment politics work in America. Once again, they display their ignorance of the false right-left paradigm that controls the corporate media political realm, including the supposedly sterling liberal reputation of the Huffington Post.

Tens of thousands of sharks mysteriously congregate off Florida coast
Helicopter pilot Steve Irwin recently caught an amazing aerial view of what he says were tens of thousands of sharks congregating just south of Palm Beach, Florida.

Is Ben Bernanke A Liar, A Lunatic Or Is He Just Completely And Totally Incompetent?
Did you see Ben Bernanke’s testimony before the House Budget Committee on Wednesday? It was quite a show. Bernanke seems to believe that if he just keeps on repeating the same mantras over and over that somehow they will become true.

Food Crisis 2011? 14 Disturbing Facts That Make You Wonder If The Coming Global Food Shortage Has Already Begun

Man says ex-CIA agent Posada gave him explosives for hotel bombing
In an exclusive interview Tuesday, a Salvadoran man told The Associated Press that a former CIA operative gave him powerful explosives and cash to carry out a 1997 hotel bombing in Cuba.

True Conservatives are ANTI-War
A myth has arisen that true conservatives are pro-war, and only “weak-kneed liberals” are anti-war.

Measures Needed To Avoid Greater Government Failure
The administration and those who control it, the House and Senate, want us to believe that debt can be paid out of revenues now and forever.

The Social Security Disaster
The average retirement age is measured in spans of five years for accuracy.

Donald Trump Would Impose 25% Tax on China Imports if President
Global Stock Exchanges Are Headed for Major Consolidation

China’s CCTV Interviews AE911Truth’s Richard Gage
Richard Gage can’t get on U.S. propaganda channels, so he has to spread the truth about the 9/11 attacks on a Chinese propaganda channel.

‘One More Girl’ unveils truth behind HPV vaccine travesty
Ryan Richardson and brother, David, announce the debut of a special preview of their new documentary, One More Girl.



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