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Americans Hoarding Light Bulbs Ahead Of “Outrageous” Government Ban
Americans have begun hoarding incandescent light bulbs ahead of a government ban next year that has been labeled “outrageous” by one pressure group as Ron Paul leads a charge in Congress to repeal the draconian state phaseout of Thomas Edison’s iconic invention.

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DC News Station Covers “V For Victory” Campaign
Notice that the reporter chooses misleading soundbites to characterize the V For Victory campaign as alarmist and lacking credibility, while portraying See Something, Say Something as rational and reasonable.

China’s poor treated to fake rice made from plastic: report
Various reports in Singapore media have said that Chinese companies are mass producing fake rice made, in part, out of plastic, according to one online publication Very Vietnam.

China police stop spread of Egypt news: activist

Big Brother High: School that has 112 CCTV cameras – that’s one for every 10 pupils
A school has been branded a ‘high security prison’ after it installed 112 CCTV cameras to spy on its pupils.

Obamacare Advocate: Make Refusniks Wear Gold Stickers
A leading advocate of Obamacare told NPR yesterday that Americans who refuse to pay for health care should be forced to wear gold stickers on their foreheads and refused emergency hospital treatment, in a chilling throwback to how Jews were persecuted by being made to wear yellow stars by the Nazis during the occupation of Europe.

Forget Your “Junk”—The TSA Wants to Feel Up Your Mind

IF YOU’RE UNHAPPY with the choice between having the Transportation Security Administration “porno-scanning” you or touching your junk, this might also freak you out: The TSA is trying to read your mind.

WIKILEAKS: USA fears Saudi oil may have been overstated by 40%
The US fears that Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude oil exporter, may not have enough reserves to prevent oil prices escalating, confidential cables from its embassy in Riyadh show.

20 Facts That Will Make You Really Mad If You Stop And Think About Them For A While
The more you read the news today the more likely you are to get really mad. The world is becoming an incredibly crazy place, and at times the amount of bad news that is coming out can seem almost overwhelming.

Derivatives: The Real Reason Bernanke Funnels Trillions Into Wall Street Banks
We’ve been over the numerous BS excuses that US Dollar destroyer extraordinaire Ben Bernanke has made for QE enough times that today I’d rather simply focus on the REAL reason he continues to funnel TRILLIONS of Dollars into the Wall Street Banks.

The Official Unemployment Rate; An “Official” Lie
ABC Consumer Comfort Index Plunges To Year Lows On Surging Gas Prices
Shocking Video Of Howard Dean Declaring That It Is The Job Of The Government To Redistribute Our Wealth

Council snoopers shown the door in blitz on Big Brother state
Police will be banned from routinely storing the DNA of innocent people in a significant scaling back of state powers.

The Truth About Climate Change: Open Letter to the United States Congress
On 28 January 2011, eighteen scientists sent a letter (see also this news story) to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate urging them to “take a fresh look at climate change.” Their intent, apparently, was to disparage the views of scientists who disagree with their contention that continued business-as-usual increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from the burning of coal, gas, and oil will lead to a host of cataclysmic climate-related problems.

Warmist Tom Friedman endorses $10 per gallon gas tax to be used to buy our vehicles, which would be crushed and piled in a mountain as a monument to 9/11?
Evil Oceans Produce 16 Times As Much CO2 As Humans

Cop threatened to Taser suspects’ testicles
A Toronto cop’s threat to Taser suspects’ testicles was condemned as “disgraceful, unacceptable and shocking” Monday by a Toronto Police spokesman.

“See Something, Say Something” Exposed As Hoax
Given the intensity with which the Department of Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano have promoted the “See Something, Say Something” campaign, one would think the federal government would be keen on receiving reports from Americans about potential terror threats. However, numerous calls to the DHS, FBI and the White House prove otherwise – the entire program is a hoax and the feds have no interest in preventing terrorism.

“Inexcusable”: TSA STILL Refusing To Release Naked Scanner Safety Reports
The chairman of a House oversight committee on homeland defense has labeled “inexcusable” the TSA’s continued refusal to release it’s internal reports on the safety of radiation firing airport body scanners.

TSA Blocks Airports From Hiring Private Security

Leftists Attack Arianna Huffington For Selling Out To “Megacorp” AOL
“She exploited our idealism and let us labor under the illusion that the Huffington Post was different, independent and leftist. Now she’s cashed in and three thousand indie bloggers find themselves working for a megacorp.”

Icelandic Volcano ‘Set to Erupt’
Scientists in Iceland are warning that another volcano looks set to erupt and threatening to spew-out a pall of dust that would dwarf last year’s event.

‘Welfare Bum’ JP Morgan: We Need Gold!
By making the announcement, J.P. Morgan is effectively saying gold is as rock solid an investment as triple-A rated Treasurys, adding to a movement that places gold at the top tier of asset classes.

Gold at EUR1,000/oz – Strong Physical Demand Leading To Illiquid Conditions

12 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is Very Different From Most Of The Other Contenders For The Republican Presidential Nomination In 2012
Even though most of the potential contenders for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 have not formally announced their intentions yet, the truth is that the race has already begun.

Americans Think Obama Would Lose In 2012

Patriot Act fails on House floor — but it will be back
A plan that would have seen the House of Representatives extend controversial provisions of the Patriot Act with little debate failed Tuesday night, as a group of Republicans joined a majority of Democrats in voting no.

The Egyptian Protests Are Getting Even Bigger, and Most Americans Support the Protesters … But Do We Still Have Democracy In America?
No, the Egyptian protesters have not given up.

China creates rare earth strategic reserves
China is building up strategic reserves of rare earth metals in a move that could give it better control over the resource so indispensable to high tech products, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Calgary removing fluoride from water supply
Calgary city council has voted 10-3 in favour of removing fluoride from the city’s drinking water.

Action: Ask HHS to end US water fluoridation program

Dark Side of Ban Ki-moon And The United Nations Shines Through As It Condemns Richard Falk For His Views on 9/11
“The UN can play a vital role in promoting the administration of justice, democracy and the rule of law around the globe.” Those are the words from Hillel Neuer’s address at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on August 11, 2004. Neuer is the director of UN Watch, a human rights NGO based in Geneva.

ACLU calls for ban on new Chicago surveillance cameras
The City of Chicago’s integrated surveillance camera system poses a pervasive and unregulated threat to privacy and it shouldn’t be expanded until the city imposes some rules on its use, said the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.



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