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TSA Invades Roads & Highways With VIPR Checkpoints
The TSA has announced its intention to expand the VIPR program to include roadside inspections of commercial vehicles, setting up a network of internal checkpoints and rolling out security procedures already active in airports, bus terminals and subway stations to roads and highways across the United States.

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Ski-Masked Thug Assists Police At Checkpoint In Houston County
Secret police with their faces covered by black ski-masks are the hallmark of any modern day dictatorship, which is why the sudden appearance of one such individual helping police conduct traffic checkpoints in Houston County by roughing up victims and planting drugs on them is an damning indictment of America's slide into an authoritarian police state.

Things Have To Change In Order To Remain The Same
The hypocrisy of the US government is yet again demonstrated in full bore force. The US government invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, laid waste to much of the countries including entire villages and towns, and massacred untold numbers of civilians in order “to bring democracy” to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is the end nigh for Mubarak? President’s grip on power shaken as army refuses to fire on million-strong march
Egypt protests baffle mainstream media
Mubarak’s new deputy linked to CIA rendition program
Former Director of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center: American Policy in the Middle East is Failing Because the U.S. Doesn’t Believe in Democracy
Israel shocked by Obama’s “betrayal” of Mubarak
The Pharaoh will Fall, Oil will Climb, and Wall Street will Win

San Diego To Start Fluoridating Drinking Water Today
San Diego officials announced Monday they will start fluoridating drinking water today — a historic step in a city that has long resisted the controversial compound and has been the largest city in the nation without it.

The oceans, clouds and cosmic rays drive the climate, not CO2
Dr Noor van Andel spoke at the Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI), provocatively concluding there is no observational evidence for the influence of CO2 on past or present climate. He has released a high caliber slide set. He is the former head of research at Akzo Nobel.

Arizona city plans to fingerprint pharmacy customers
An Arizona city’s proposed law requiring people buying certain drugs to be fingerprinted has civil liberties advocates concerned about what they say is an unwarranted intrusion on privacy rights.

Governments hoard food stockpiles in anticipation of public uprisings
Economic failures, government corruption, banking system fraud — these and many other factors have together contributed to the escalating turmoil that the world currently faces.

Gov. Nixon declares state of emergency for severe winter storm, mobilizes National Guard
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency in Missouri and activated the Missouri National Guard in preparation for a severe winter storm that is moving into the region.

Ron Paul: Middle Eastern Revolt Stems From US Upholding Authoritarian Regimes
Congressman Ron Paul outlined his feelings on the uprising in Egypt, noting that violent revolts will continue throughout the middle east so long as there is an unfettered globalist agenda to dominate the region through propping up tinpot dictators and tyrants.

Kissinger on Egypt unrest – “This is only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out”
Live coverage of Egypt’s revolution
Police attack praying Egyptians
The 11 Countries At Risk of Becoming The Next Egypt
Jordan’s Monarchy Replaces Government in Reaction to Protests
IMF Vultures Want Into Egypt

US issues terrorist warning for citizens worldwide
Last week, Standard & Poor’s lowered Japan’s bond rating to AA-, the fourth-highest level. By that standard, the U.S. got away with a slap on the wrist from Moody’s Investors Service, which warned merely that “the probability of assigning a negative outlook in the coming two years is rising.”

Officials Warn Wall St. About Possible Terror Attacks

Video: Holograms Issue Security Announcements At London Airport
The virtual pair, named Holly and Graham, have been introduced in the hope that travellers will pay more attention to important announcements.

Senators vow to strip Obama climate power
Conservative senators vowed Monday to strip President Barack Obama of his power to regulate greenhouse gases, in a move that would cripple US efforts on climate change if successful.

Unemployment Plagues Economy Despite Claims Of Recovery
Unemployment continues to plague our economy. In spite of constant claims that we have just turned the corner into recovery, the jobs reports remain grim with no real signs of improvement.

The Road to Madness Is Paved With $100 Bills
Ben Bernanke is insane. I mean neither insane in a flippant sense, nor in the ordinary sense (as in plain nuts), but an even more insidious form of insanity, namely the insanity of one who cannot see the world as a place outside his own thoughts and beliefs.

Housing Armageddon: 12 Facts Which Show That We Are In The Midst Of The Worst Housing Collapse In U.S. History
Nearly 11 Percent of US Houses Empty

Robert Parry, And Other Halfway Truth-Tellers
In his conceited and unwise attack piece, Parry sidesteps the facts that have motivated many well-intentioned and concerned citizens across the political spectrum, and from all around the world, to demand a new 9/11 investigation.

International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda with myth-busting report
To hear it from proponents of the vaccine industry, vaccines are based on rock-solid science that proves them to be completely safe and widely effective.

18 Ridiculous Statistics About Medical Bills, Medical Debt And The Health Care Industry That Will Make You So Mad You Will Want To Tear Your Hair Out
EPA to Regulate Milk Spills — Seriously!



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