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Manufactured Controversy Backfires As Vast Majority Back Medina, Attack Glenn Beck
The attack dog corporate media, in cahoots with loathsome phony neo-con crybaby Glenn Beck, are once again attempting to manufacture reality by smearing Debra Medina for expressing a view shared by the vast majority of Americans in an effort to purge her from the Texas gubernatorial race.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Surveillance Drones To Zap Protesters Into Submission
Illustrating once again that the prison planet being built around us far outstrips anything Aldous Huxley or George Orwell ever imagined, a Wired News report details how police forces worldwide are preparing to unveil drone aircraft that can not only conduct surveillance of protesters, but also zap them into submission with non-lethal weapons.

Few Americans Want Members of Congress Re-Elected, Poll Finds
Just 8 percent of Americans want the members of Congress re-elected, according to a CBS News-New York Times poll taken nine months before roughly one-third of the Senate and the entire House face voters.

Totally Occupied: 700 Military Bases Spread Across Afghanistan
Existing in the shadows, the US base-building program is staggering in size and scope and also extraordinarily expensive.

Twitter diplomacy: Envoy says Russia will ‘kick ass’ of US

Angry Man Runs Naked Through Phoenix Airport
I don’t see what the problem with this is. After all, dont TSA goons need to see our naked bodies for our own safety anyway?

Demolish the myth that safety, in and of itself, is an absolute good
In arguing against airport body scanners, I’ve been met with variations on an increasingly prevalent fallacy: “if it makes us a little safer, it’s worth it”; “if it saves one life, stops one crime…” What a specious argument that is.

Lieberman’s concerns about torture seemingly limited to Iran
Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and John McCain (R-AZ) on Thursday introduced bipartisan legislation to slap new human rights sanctions on Iran’s leaders.

Rand Paul Offers Populists Hope For the Future
Rand Paul, a Kentucky eye doctor, is not running for a local office in his first political endeavor. While his well-known father, Ron, is the longtime 14th District Texas Congressman noted for his opposition to the Federal Reserve and big government, Rand is attempting to go from novice to the higher plane of U.S. senator in one shot. His platform is much like his father’s.

C.S. Lewis and Sarah Palin
I like it that Sarah Palin talks about smaller government, and that her very existence makes the lying incumbents in Washington nervous. I like that she cultivates a persona of simple straight talk — even innocence.

Canadian Lawmaker Gives Finger to Colleague Inside Legislature
“And I’ll give you that again. And I’ll give you this if you want to go outside.”

Joestradamus: Biden Predicts Large-Scale Terror Attack on U.S. ‘Unlikely’
Vice President Joe Biden made his latest eyebrow-furrowing prediction Wednesday night, declaring confidently that another Sept. 11-size terror attack is “unlikely” in the U.S., despite signs that Al Qaeda and and other terrorist groups are actively planning more attacks.

Where did Pachuari get the money?
The New York Times is reporting that the IPCC chairman, Rajendra K. Pachauri is still “greatly admired” in the scientific community despite the IPCC 2007 report being riddled with errors.

Climate emails review panellist quits after his impartiality questioned
New Paper in Science: Sea level 81,000 years ago was 1 meter higher while CO2 was lower
Ratigan Unhinged: Attacks Warming Skeptics, Gives Pass to Liberal Alarmists in Plea for Sides to ‘Cool Off’
The Olympic Global Warming Onslaught is Starting

CNN Redefines Constitutionalists as “Tenther Movement”
Do you think the federal government is too big? Do you believe states have relinquished too much authority to Washington? Do you think the people should re-assert their constitutional rights in the face of diminishing liberties? You must be with that radical fringe group “The Tenthers” according to CNN.

Climategate: The Official Cover-up Continues
If there’s one thing that stinks even more than Climategate, it’s the attempts we’re seeing everywhere from the IPCC and Penn State University to the BBC to pretend that nothing seriously bad has happened.

Not just ClimateGate – we must remember the entire paradigm of green lies over thirty years

Snowfall Shatters Record, Leaves 180,000 Without Power
As of 9:30 a.m. Friday, Oncor Electric Delivery said there are 180,000 homes and businesses in North Texas without power.

Rome Sees Heaviest Snowfall In 24 Years

NY Times: “Unusual Amounts of Snow or Lack of Snow are all Signs of Global Warming”
“Extreme storms, droughts, intense rains, unusual amounts of snow or lack of snow are all signs of global warming.”

Becoming vegetarian ‘can harm the environment’

The Pre-Iraq War Lies Conspiracy-Conspiracy: Nice Try, Tony
Tony Blair has discovered that nobody, but nobody, believes his bullshit anymore, and the possibility of far more hostile attention to come, from signing his country up for the illegal War On Iraq back in 2002, is dampening his trousers and dementing his mind.

There are No Conspiracies Because Daddy Will Always Protect Us
Authoritarians not only don’t want to hear that the most powerful people might be acting against their interest, they will aggressively defend against any such information.

‘US to expand military centers in Pakistan’
A senior US official says the American military plans to expand new training centers inside Pakistan in a bid to boost its so-called war on terror.

Refuse to Pay Government Debt Incurred for Unlawful and Oppressive Purposes … It Is the Personal Debt of Those Who Ordered It to Be Incurred
There is an established legal principle that people should not have to repay their government’s debt to the extent that it is incurred to launch aggressive wars or to oppress the people.

European Union denies US snoops access to electronic banking data

Euro Area Headed for Break-Up, SocGen’s Edwards Says
Southern European countries are trapped in an overvalued currency and suffocated by low competitiveness, a situation that will lead to the break-up of the euro bloc, according to Societe Generale SA strategist Albert Edwards.

Surveillance Video Shows Man Smashing 29 Flat Screens at Wal-Mart
Police in Georgia say a 23-year-old man grabbed a baseball bat inside of a Wal-Mart and smashed 29 flat-screen televisions.

Rat out your boss, get paid by the IRS
There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is John Doe.

Full-body airport security scanners to fry travelers with ionizing radiation
The attempted flight 253 terrorist attack on Christmas Day gave way to the immediate unveiling of full-body human x-ray machines that some alleged experts believe should be installed at every airport in order to ensure national security.

Body scanners present privacy, health risks

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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