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Congressman: Naked Body Scanners Are Just About Harassing Passengers
More prominent public figures have slammed the slap-dash introduction of invasive naked body scanners at airports, with Congressmen and security experts labeling them a stupid and pointless measure that does nothing but harass innocent travelers.

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MAIC Report Supporter and Missouri Gov. Nixon to Sit On Obama’s Council of Governors
WRAL in North Carolina and the Associated Press are reporting that Obama has selected Missouri governor Jay Nixon to sit on his newly minted Council of Governors. On January 12, 2010, reported on Obama’s executive order establishing the Council or Governors.

CNN Airs Video of Non-Representative Images During Discussion of Tea Party Movement

Dollar Rallies, Stocks Struggle. Is the Flight to Safety Back On?
The buck is back with a vengeance. Indeed, the U.S. Dollar Index, which measure the greenback against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, has gained nearly 5% since mid-January.

S.Korea deploys Firefinder radar after N.Korea barrage
South Korea said Friday it had deployed advanced weapons-tracking radar systems on islands near its disputed Yellow Sea border with North Korea following last week’s artillery barrages by the North.

Radiation Safety Group Says Naked Body Scanners Increase Risk Of Cancer
An influential international radiation safety organization has warned that the naked body scanners currently being rolled out in airports across the world increase the risk of cancer and birth defects and should not be used on pregnant women or children.

Sea level blunder enrages Dutch minister
A United Nations report wrongly claimed that more than half of the Netherlands is currently below sea level.

Prince Charles On Climate Change: Global Warming Sceptics Are All Liars
Detectives question climate change scientist over email leaks

Never-Before-Seen Video Shows Challenger Explosion
The four-minute film, shot by optometrist Jack Moss, brings an entirely new perspective to the terrible event which killed a team of seven, including science teacher Christa McAuliffe, who had been chosen by NASA to become the first civilian in space.

Forget Polls, Here’s Tangible Proof the Obama Honeymoon is Over
One sign that Washington, D.C., had been home to Obama Mania was the number of independent retailers selling all sorts of Obama merchandise.

Google, NSA ‘alliance’ has privacy advocate alarmed
In the wake of Chinese-based cyber attacks against Google’s corporate infrastructure, search giant Google turned to the U.S. National Security Agency to help it combat security threats, according to a published report.

Israeli study shows variable sea level in past 2500 years
“Rising and falling sea levels over relatively short periods do not indicate long-term trends. An assessment of hundreds and thousands of years shows that what seems an irregular phenomenon today is in fact nothing new,” explains Dr. Dorit Sivan, who supervised the research.

Barrasso Calls for UN Climate Chief’s Resignation
MET Office Relying On Amateur Computer

Actor/Comedian Hal Sparks Speaks Out In Support of 9/11 Truth
Well known actor and comedian Hal Sparks has voiced his doubts on the official government story regarding the events of 9/11, adding that he supports the views and actions of the 9/11 Truth movement.

Majority Now Disbelieve Man-Made Global Warming Propaganda
The BBC have just published details of a poll conducted by Populus that shows a big drop in belief in AGW.

How the face of Pluto changed in just two years (do you think they can blame it on global warming?)
DC, Mid-Atlantic Bracing for ‘Snowmageddon’

The Lancet retraction of vaccine autism paper condemned as Big Pharma conspiracy to discredit Dr. Wakefield
The same tactics of disinformation and truth destruction are now being leveled against Dr. Wakefield, the courageous scientist who was the first to prove that vaccines were linked to autism.

The Government Has Your Baby’s DNA
Many parents don’t realize their baby’s DNA is being stored in a government lab, but sometimes when they find out, as the Browns did, they take action.

Mysterious Danish group builds exotic compound on Baja Coast
The French government has officially designated Humana as a cult, while some of Tvind’s critics, as well as Danish prosecutors, have called Tvind a secular religion.

In Turkey, girl buried alive for talking to boys

Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Preparing for a False Flag Terrorist Attack?
WeAreChangeVancouver takes you on a Police State Security tour of Downtown Vancouver BC a week before the Olympic Games.

Lord Monckton wows Melbourne
Highlights of Lord Christopher Monckton’s Melbourne Presentation at the Sofitel Melbourne. Recorded 1st February 2010. There are two parts below.

IPCC: International Pack of Climate Crooks

Yemen on the Brink: Implications for U.S. Policy
Statement of Congressman Ron Paul, United States House of Representatives – Statement on House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing.

Global sell-off shudders markets as euro plunges
London’s top stocks lost another one per cent today as worries over US and European economic health sparked a sell-off for the second session in a row.

Poll: Americans worried, angry about deficit
Next in Line for a Bailout: Social Security

Judge seals video in racially-charged Taser ‘homicide’

A potentially explosive video showing the death of a Louisiana man after being Tasered nine times in 14 minutes will be kept from the public for at least another five months, after a judge ordered the tape sealed.

When the Military Serves as Police
What happens when the military is used in a police capacity? You get a “war on terrorism,” one in which people think that the laws of war now apply to the situation.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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