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Enemies Of Free Speech Call For Internet Licensing
Calls to introduce a licensing system to police the Internet on behalf of a powerful UN agency represent the latest salvo in a long-running battle to kill free speech on the web and bring an end to the powerful digital democracy that has devastated the carbon tax agenda of the UN by exposing the Climategate scandal.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

‘The scare is over’: Climate Change skeptic Lord Monckton debates Rupert Posner from the Climate Group
Lord Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, architect, mathematician and climate change sceptic is on a speaking tour of Australia to spread his message that climate change activists are ‘bed-wetters and liars’.

Ed Miliband declares war on climate change sceptics

US drones killed 123 civilians, three al-Qaeda men in January
Afghanistan-based US predators carried out a record number of 12 deadly missile strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan in January 2010, of which 10 went wrong and failed to hit their targets, killing 123 innocent Pakistanis. The remaining two successful drone strikes killed three al-Qaeda leaders, wanted by the Americans.

Global ObamaCare and World Population Control
As reported here on January 16 (”ObamaCare Goes Global, Hillary Clinton Announces”) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) portends a major ramping up of coercive population-control efforts worldwide, especially those aimed at the developing countries.

No Genitalia Measurement, No Fly
Naked body scanning will now be compulsory at two of Britain's biggest airports after the government announced people who refuse to let security thugs ogle their genitalia will be treated like terrorists and barred from flying.

The Remaining Questions From Flight 253 And A Discussion Of The Possibilities
The following questions are those that we do not have adequate information (In my mind) on in order to make a final determination.

U.S. deploys land and sea-based missile shield in the Gulf to deter attack from Iran
The U.S. has retaliated to what it sees as Iran’s growing missile threat by deploying a land and sea-based missile shield to protect American allies in the Gulf, officials said.

16 Lies in 7 minutes: State of the Union Video Breakdown
“The day I’m inaugurated…the world looks at America differently.”

Cocaine, Spices, and Hormones Now Being Found in Drinking Water
A University of Washington research team recently released the results of a study it conducted on contaminant residue in the waters of Puget Sound in Washington State.

Arrested TSA worker asked girl to be his ’sex slave’
A Transportation Security Administration employee in Florida is behind bars this weekend after a 15-year-old girl claimed he groped her and asked if she would be his “sex slave,” according to published reports.

UHI is alive and well

One of the most ridiculous claims recently related to Menne et al 2010 and my surfacestations project was a claim made by DeSmogBlog (and Huffington Post who carried the story also) is that the “Urban Heat Island Myth is Dead“.

Hundreds of Quakes Are Rattling Yellowstone
Bill and Melinda Gates said their foundation will commit $10 billion over the next decade to help develop vaccines for the world’s poorest countries, a project that may save the lives of 8.7 million children.

Israeli officers disciplined over white phosphorus use in Gaza
Two named Israeli officers “jeopardised” human life by firing white phosphorus shells at a compound run by the UN, according to a report by the Israeli Defence Force.

Obama Budget Has $1.9 Trillion Tax Rise
The Obama administration proposed to increase taxes on Americans earning more than $200,000 by close to $970 billion over the next decade and take in an additional $400 billion from businesses even as it retooled a proposed crackdown on international tax-avoidance techniques.

Obama seeks $33 billion for Afghanistan troop rise
Goldman Sachs and the $100 million question
White House to paint grim fiscal picture: source

CIA moonlights in corporate world
In the midst of two wars and the fight against Al Qaeda, the CIA is offering operatives a chance to peddle their expertise to private companies on the side — a policy that gives financial firms and hedge funds access to the nation’s top-level intelligence talent, POLITICO has learned.

NH group cites need for new 9/11 probe
Keene resident Gerhard Bedding doesn’t buy the government’s version of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, so he’s working on a statewide campaign calling for another investigation into the terrorist attacks.

Building 7 Reporter Byron Pitts “Number of things don’t add up.”

Longest snowy period in 30 years set to end soon
The longest snowy period in the last 30 years could end next week, meteorologists from the German Weather Service (DWD) reported over the weekend.

Canadians Contract Guillain-Barre Syndrome After Swine Flu Shot In Same Doctor's Office
Two residents of Markham in Ontario, Canada have been diagnosed with the debilitating nerve disease Guillain-Barré Syndrome, after both taking the H1N1 flu shot in the same doctor's office just two days apart.

Agony of doctor’s receptionist paralysed by swine flu jab

Climategate: Is the British government conspiring not to prosecute?
Ed Miliband, the weird blobby egg creature with dark hair on top currently doing untold damage as Britain’s Energy and Climate Secretary, has declared war on Climate Sceptics.

Pachauri fails to get UK support over ‘unsubstantiated’ climate report claims
The Hottest Hoax in the World

Iraq to sue US, Britain over depleted uranium bombs
Iraq’s Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against Britain and the US over their use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq, an Iraqi minister says.

Implications For Gold In The Aftermath Of The Greek Crisis
With the euro having dropped substantially from a high of around $1.51 to less than $1.40 in the span of a few short months, it has sent gold buyers looking for cover, mostly as a function of the linear (and at times sigmoidal) inverse correlation between gold prices and the DXY which throughout 2009 has held surprisingly strong.

Paulson Feared Run On The Dollar
Swiss warn UBS bank could collapse

‘Ellie Light’ regrets damage done to Obama, blasts right-wing ‘conspiracy theorists’
In an interview with Raw Story, prolific Obama supporter and letter-writer “Ellie Light” slammed conservatives claiming the published writings were part of a White House “astroturf” operation, and regretted the “damage” they’ve done to the president.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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