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Top Japanese Scientists: Warming Is Not Caused By Human Activity
A major scientific report by leading Japanese academics concludes that global warming is not man-made and that the overall warming trend from the mid-part of the 20th Century onwards has now stopped.

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Angry Citizens Revive Boston Tea Party Protest
History will repeat itself Friday in Wichita and across the country. Demonstrators are planning tea party protests to show opposition to the federal stimulus bill.

Shares tumble across globe as figures reveal U.S. economy shrank 6% in last quarter - the fastest rate in 25 years
In hard times, more U.S. women try to sell their eggs

Canadian jets scrambled to intercept Russian bomber before Obama visit
Canadian fighter jets scrambled to intercept a Russian plane approaching Canadian airspace shortly before U.S. President Barack Obama visited Ottawa, the defence minister said Friday.

Venezuela’s Chavez losing hope in U.S. President Obama

Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in North Dakota
Snow, wind, and cold have assaulted North Dakota yet again in the past 24 hours. In Bismarck Friday morning the temperature was 12 below zero with a new inch or two of snow expected following Thursday’s more significant storm.

CNBC Analyst: Global Bank, Global Currency Within 15 Years
Head of market analysis for Schneider Foreign Exchange Stephen Gallo told CNBC yesterday that the financial crisis will lead to the creation of a global central bank and a global single currency within 15 years, echoing the call of top globalists who have exploited the problems they created to push for a new world financial order.

Obama Prepared To Revise Iraq Troop Plans
President Barack Obama will “revisit” plans to withdraw more than 100,000 US troops from Iraq by August 2010 if violence there worsens.

Exclusive: White House to host members of Congress to build support for keeping 50,000 in Iraq
New Budget, Same as the Old Budget

U.S. Ready to Respond to N.Korea Missile
In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, Adm. Timothy Keating, head of the U.S. Pacific Commands, said that the military is prepared to shoot down any North Korean ballistic missile — if President Obama should give the order.

DNA samples from 1.1milion children held on register as Labour ‘plots database by stealth’
Ministers are sneaking in sweeping powers to collect and retain more DNA samples, it has been revealed.

Police turn up heat on ‘cannabis factory’ seen by thermal camera … only to find workshop STOVE
When an infra-red camera on the police helicopter identified a suspicious heat pattern coming from Colin Rowe’s workshop, officers were convinced it was the site of a cannabis factory.

House approves $70 million for 9/11 survivors’ health care
The House of Representatives has approved $70 million for 9/11-related health care.

Harmful Chemicals Found in Liquid Medicines for Babies
Newborns are not able to swallow pills and capsules, and liquid medicines are thus used to treat any medical problems they may have. And premature babies, being out in the world early, have a higher chance of being hit by various health complications and diseases.

CNBC Anchors Mortified That Ron Paul Was Allowed Air Time
CNBC anchors were left dumbfounded and acted overtly cantankerous yesterday after Congressman Ron Paul’s opening statement at the House Financial Services Committee was broadcast live to an audience of millions.

NSA aims to expand power: Eavesdropping agency looks to take over cybersecurity
The spy shop that brought you the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program wants to expand its power under President Barack Obama, the nation’s top intelligence chief told Congress Wednesday, in a little-noticed intelligence grab.

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Bush should have executed Gitmo detainees, says former CIA officer
A former CIA officer has said its ridiculous that the Bush administration didn’t execute numerous prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, regardless of whether they have had a trial, when it had the chance.

French professor sacked over 9/11 conspiracy theory
An academic in France has been sacked by the Ministry of Defence after questioning the official version of events surrounding the 9/11 attacks. He now reportedly plans to sue the government.

America Goes The Way of the USSR
You know that our economy has been turned into a socialist system. You’re already probably mad about that.

Obama’s USA Service Website Hosts Gun “Buy Back” Event

Supreme Court could decide the future of Tasers
Legal, medical and law enforcement experts are still debating the pros and cons of using stun guns, or Tasers, and Florida continues to play a prominent role in the debate.

The war on Wall Street terror
It’s funny that during the run-up to the first War on Terror, Wall Street had such an active hand in exploiting the tragedy of 9/11. Thousands upon thousands of puts short-sold United and American Airlines stocks and WTC-based Morgan Stanley stock plunged; similarly calls (bets to rise) on defense and related stocks sent them soaring on that awful day, the War on Terror’s inciting incident.

Afghans protest against foreign troops
Six people were hurt when Afghan police opened fire on demonstrators who claimed U.S. troops had desecrated a Koran during a raid on a mosque.

Calling All (Soon To Be) Criminals
As my grandfather was fond of saying: “it’s time to fish or cut bait.” As predicted here, the Obama administration intends to put a new Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) on the fast track.

Fluoride in the water - even if you don’t want it
A health trust has become the first to force through a move to add fluoride to tap water to fight tooth decay in children.

Couple Charged By NY Drug Police For Having Organic Chocolate
Feel like a little nip of organic chocolate while you’re heading to the Big Apple, Chicago or San Fran? Careful now. If you’re crossing the border with a fair trade sweet, you may get busted for drugs.

The Mumbai Attacks and the Militaries of the USA, India and Pakistan
The CIA, and its friends, may have used Pakistani military officers in the November 2008 attack on Mumbai?

Moody’s predicts default rate will exceed peaks hit in Great Depression
A bigger proportion of non-investment grade companies will go bust in the US and overseas in the coming years than during the Great Depression, according to Moody’s, one of the world’s foremost experts on credit.

Is BBC reporter Robert Peston a government stooge?
Fresh questions have been raised over whether BBC Business editor Robert Peston is being used as a Government stooge during the financial crisis.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer


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