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Facebook Toy Gun Photo Prompts Warrantless Home Search
A Sudbury, Ontario truth activist was the victim of a warrantless police home search following the discovery of a photo of him brandishing a toy gun on the social networking website Facebook.

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New Israeli raids looming over Gaza
Israel threatens to launch new airstrikes on Gaza two days after the Israeli premier vowed a ‘disproportionate’ response to Palestinian rocket attacks.

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IAEA defends Iran against misinformation
Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei says the world should not hype the issue of Iran’s nuclear enrichment.

The Death of American Leadership
Vast numbers of people in the United States and abroad are hoping that President Obama will end America’s illegal wars, halt America’s support for Israel’s massacre of Lebanese and Palestinians, and punish, instead of reward, the shyster banksters whose fraudulent financial instruments have destroyed economics and imposed massive sufferings on people all over the world. If Obama’s appointments are an indication, all of these hopeful people are going to be disappointed.

Financial plot; Soros; Russia Iran Venezuela; Indonesia
Is the financial crisis part of a plot? If there is a plot, is one of its aims the weakening of Russia, Iran and Venezuela?

German Chancellor: “There’s A Rumor Going Around That States Cannot Go Bankrupt. This Rumor Is Not True.”
Obama predicts more bank failures

Glasnost In London – War Fever In Washington
What used to be called "Cool London" looks more like "Crash London" these days. Of all the leading industrial nations, Britain has so far suffered more than any other nation, even the United States.

China censors news of shoe-throwing attack on Wen Jiabao
China has reacted angrily to the shoe-throwing attack on its prime minister in Cambridge and censored mention of it from the media.

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‘Shocking’ video shows cops grabbing cash during raid
The New York City Police Department has launched an internal probe to investigate a raid on a Staten Island bar. In a video posted on YouTube, police officers wearing jackets decorated with the NYPD logo can be seen smashing gambling machines at the “Beer Goggles” bar and putting confiscated cash into their pockets.

Another Prominent Economist Forecasts Depression, Says Gold To Hit $2000
Yet another renowned economist and investor has declared that the U.S. is entering a full scale depression that will see gold prices more than double.

Obama Foreclosure-Relief Plan May Guarantee Rewritten Loans
Australia launches massive stimulus package

The Whole World Is Rioting as the Economic Crisis Worsens — Why Aren’t We?
Explosive anger is spilling out onto the streets of Europe. The meltdown of the global economy is igniting massive social unrest in a region that has long been a symbol of political stability and social cohesion.

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2009: A Resurgence of Eugenics?
As the world moves further into economic chaos, eugenics, an old idea cloaked under modern terminology, is making a comeback. During these times it is easy to see how a resurgence and re-packaging of eugenics could come about.

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Global Warming? 18 Inches Of Snow May Clobber Indiana
Lake effect snow will blanket the Chicago area on Tuesday, dumping up to 18 inches in parts of Northwest Indiana.

SCENARIOS - Will North Korea launch a war?
North Korea appears to be preparing to test-launch its longest range ballistic missile, media reports said on Tuesday, just days after Pyongyang warned that the Korean peninsula was on the brink of war.

North Korea preparing for ballistic missile launch
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Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found; Could be made public
Details about more than three dozen secret memoranda written by Bush Administration officials now sit atop a chart created by public interest reporting group. The memos track new details about dozens of secret Bush Administration legal positions on torture, detention and warrantless wiretapping.

Big Pharma’s Drugs to be Weaponized to Fight “Mind Wars” on Future Battlefields
Pharmaceutical products could be employed to boost the performance of one army's soldiers while undermining the minds of those on the other, according to a National Research Council report drafted for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

Google and Nasa back new school for futurists

WHO GETS WHAT: Obama plan has billions for cops
President Barack Obama wants the government back in the policing business, big time.

The Great Global Warming Hoax

RAND Wants WWIII to Save US Economy

Paul Watson & Alex Jones - Mumbai Terror Attacks

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer


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