PRESS RELEASE - Transatlantic Elite to meet in secret on May 30th
Tony Gosling -

The latest initiatives needed to usher in a United States of Europe and to bring about global domination for the Western powers are about to be revealed at a secret power elite conference West of Washington D.C..

If you ever wondered why so many nations signed up to the Euro currency without the people in those countries being asked, or how the war on terrorism has arrived just in time to save the gravely indebted U.S. economy you may need to look no further.

This year's Bilderberg Conference, featuring 120 or so of the most influential men in Europe and North America, looks certain to be taking place between Thursday 30th May and Sunday 2nd June 2002 at The Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly Virginia. In its Élite Conference Guide of Christmas 1987, the Economist described Bilderberg as ‘Ne plus ultra’ or ‘the top of the top.’

The élite that attend Bilderberg have real power to change the world for the better but the press are ‘encouraged’ not to cover the event because Bilderberg’s power centralising policies such the Euro, the war on terrorism and cuts in public spending are making things much, much worse. Bilderbergers are afraid that the global strategists who plan and force through these geostrategic policies will be identified and exposed as the real villains of the world.

Venues for these annual élite meetings are consistently palatial. Hotels generally have their own golf course attached and are sealed off from the outside world behind high walls. Though the Bilderberg secretariat insists the meetings are private, national military agencies such as MI6 or the CIA provide round-the-clock security at public expense.

But there have been leaks. Top of the agenda this year, we're told, is Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and how to persuade a reluctant west to once more attack one of the world's weakest countries. Already ravaged by ten years of sanctions and with an infant mortality rate currently at about five to six thousand a month an attack on Iraq is nevertheless deemed 'necessary' by the élite to justify continued Western troop deployment and control of oil reserves in the Middle East.

The leaks come from Jim Tucker, a writer for American Free Press in Washington DC, who is the only journalist in the world to discover the venue and date of the annual Bilderberg Meeting before the event. He is leaked information from a concerned source very close to the Bilderberg steering committee.

Without Tucker there would be absolutely no press coverage. Even with the advance warning he provides there is far less coverage than might be expected. Reuters, News International, Washington Post, Hollinger and other media in attendance encourage token or zero coverage within their own empires.  But it's not just the press and public who are kept in the dark. In 2000 the exasperated mayor of Genval near Brussels, where a Bilderberg conference was taking place, expressed disbelief when approached by a Belgian TV reporter. "If Queen Beatrix were coming to Genval, somebody would have told me!"

Despite the enormous wealth and power wielded by the participants, Bilderberg is almost unknown amongst the general public. Many journalists or others who have heard of the meetings 'switch off' when Bilderberg is mentioned, expecting another wild conspiracy theory about meetings with aliens. But those who ignore these annual summits are playing into the hands of the conference organisers who will use any means, even encouraging madcap theories, to divert attention from what is being discussed inside. Critics have been falsely accused of anti-Semitism, disturbing when not many of the participants are Jewish. To the Bilderbergers any bypassing of democratic processes and suppression of legitimate media coverage is justifiable as ‘good business'.

European political, financial and military union under corporate control will also be on the agenda this year. Chair of the commission Romano Prodi is now openly being called the ‘president’ of Europe yet he has never been elected to the post. Prodi is not the first powerful person to be invited to Bilderberg before making it to the top. Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, George Robertson and Jack Santer all attended just before a great leap forward in their respective careers. Ex-government ministers such as Britain's Kenneth Clarke have been ticked off for failing to declare their free Bilderberg trips.

Ever since it began Bilderberg has promoted the integration of European nations into a United States of Europe run not by elected representatives but by appointed 'Commissioners' who many believe to be in the pockets of banks and big business. This is nothing new. European based multinationals such as Philips and Volvo played a major part in designing the superstructure of the European State.

In Europe, the European Round Table of Industrialists or E.R.T. corporate lobby group works with the unelected European Commission to draw up legislation. The European Parliament only has a chance to rubber stamp or delay these initiatives before they become law. The growth of the Euro currency is a major priority always at Bilderberg, the plan being to peg the Euro to the Dollar when all E.U. nations have joined creating a de facto world currency. 

The conferences began in 1954, an initiative of ex SS Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Bilderberg's first chairman. After the Lockheed bribery scandal in 1975 Bernhard resigned in disgrace but his wife, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, still attends the conference regularly. Bilderberg has been deciding policy since World War II which, along with NATO, is bringing about the strongest ever U.S. influence over Europe and the whole continent of Eurasia.

The agenda at Bilderberg is set and invite list drawn up by a small steering committee consisting of Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and a hand picked representative from each major economic nation in the western world. Although there is no official membership, U.S. attendees at Bilderberg tend to be members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a private club that decides U.S. foreign policy and/or David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission which brings together élitists from Europe, the USA and Japan.

Though big names are present: Kissinger, George Robertson, Conrad Black, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, James Wolfenson, David Rockefeller etc. the Bilderberg Group usually manage to duck coverage and criticism by the world's press. They refuse requests for interviews and prepare cover stories. In 2000 the conference was an 'international croquet tournament'. Even these lies are, it seems, better than the truth about what is being talked about inside getting out. Under Bilderberg's ‘Chatham House’ rules none of the participants are allowed to mention where they picked up the latest line on Europe or whatever is being discussed.  A request for a press conference this year has been ignored.

It is crucial that Bilderberg begin to open themselves up more fully to media scrutiny. Only by knowing of the existence of such power networks can the people make a decision on their legitimacy. Although the Bilderberg office in Leiden, Holland issues a ‘press release’ of its own, it does so a few hours after the last black Mercedes containing the last participant has left the conference area. Coldly calculated to ensure the press can’t cover anything.  If you didn’t get an invite to Bilderberg this year you’re in good company - only quislings need attend.

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