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Bin Laden Tape Betrays 'Phony Hijacker' Contradiction
Target is "U.S. home audience," as with fake Al-Zarqawi propaganda campaign, to reinforce 9/11 myth as 5th anniversary nears

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | September 8 2006

A new tape showing Osama Bin Laden meeting with September 11 hijackers days before the attack has served to boost the Bush administration's war on terror agenda as the fifth anniversary of 9/11 nears, yet one of the hijackers who appears in the tape is reported elsewhere as still alive and completely unconnected to the terror plot.

The tape purports to show Bin Laden meeting with alleged 9/11 hijackers Wail Alshehri and Hamza Alghamdi days before the attack in Afghanistan.

After reports emerged that some of the named hijackers were still alive the FBI quickly changed its story to claim that some of the hijackers had stolen the identities of other individuals. Innocent people who saw their photograph amongst the 19 terrorists complained to their embassies yet the same mug shots are still used to this day and the FBI has made no effort to revise the list.

Telling therefore it is that Wail Alshehri was one of the accused hijackers reported by the L.A. Times to still be alive and protesting his innocence in Saudi Arabia after 9/11.

So how can Alshehri appear in a tape meeting with Bin Laden when he had no involvement with the plot whatsoever and is presumably still alive today? Does the Alshehri in the videotape look similar to the innocent Alshehri who was framed for the attacks? Why does the mainstream media refuse to even ask these questions, instead just blithely relaying the propaganda?

Furthermore, the other alleged hijacker in the tape, Hamza Alghamdi's original mug shot as it appeared on the splash of 19 hijackers bore, "no resemblance" to the real Hamza Alghamdi - according to his own father after being informed of his son's involvement in the attack. The Hamza Alghamdi in the new video does appear to be the same individual in the FBI's mug shot parade. As with at least seven of the hijackers, it seems that there are two of each one, and the ones that appear in the tapes are patsies or dupes.

This is by no means a stretch when we recall that many of the hijackers were trained at secure U.S. government air bases and that the FBI had its own informants living with them.

The credibility of the tape is not helped by the fact that a companion tape allegedly showing Abu Hamza al-Muhajir - who is being sold as the new Al-Qaeda frontman in Iraq - urging Iraqis to join with insurgents - contradicts reports that were picked up by Al-Jazeera itself, that al-Muhajir has been incarcerated in an Egyptian jail cell for the past seven years.

As was the case with Musab Al-Zarqawi - the patsies and the fall guys are interchangeable and they can be killed, captured and recycled numerous times over without stirring the attention of a sleeping public, nearly half of which still believes Saddam Hussein was directly involved in 9/11.

Recall that the Pentagon's stated intention to artificially magnify Musab Al-Zarqawi's role in Iraq was followed by the release of a video tape of Al-Zarqawi threatening the infidels.

The target of this leaked propaganda campaign to boost Al-Qaeda's profile was said to be the "U.S. home audience," and included planting fake stories in newspapers - one of which was later splashed on the front page of the New York Times.

The formula is simple. The U.S. government needs to dangle the boogeyman in front of the public at regular intervals to prop up its flailing agenda. A course of propaganda is agreed upon, the target is identified as the "U.S. home audience," and Al-Jazeera releases a new tape.

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The hijackers were patsies, Osama bin Laden was a patsy - it doesn't really matter if they met or not. The other patsy in the video, Hamza Alghamdi, was trained at the behest of the U.S. government at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. But the video - as with most war propaganda - is aimed at the lowest common denominator and for most Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccer Moms it's enough to reinforce the official version of 9/11 and the legitimacy of the war on terror.

The target is again the "U.S. home audience," and allied with the White House's recent announcement that it would target conspiracy theorists as terrorist recruiters, this is another lurid effort to beat back the rampaging wildfire of enlightenment created by the burgeoning 9/11 truth movement.

9/11 Truth: Mohammad Atta & The Patsies

Bin Laden's on screen appearances routinely intersect with politically opportune moments for the Bush administration. September 11 and its fifth anniversary is still the broken record of justification for everything the Neo-Fascists are getting away with - it's the only remaining PR ploy that Americans in large enough numbers are willing to swallow. The fact that confidence in the government version of 9/11 is hanging by a thread has provoked an unprecedented backlash from the establishment and this re-hashed tape is part of that riposte.

Regular readers won't need to be reminded of the 2001 'Osama confession tape' - rated R for ridiculous, a fat bin Laden conveniently owns up to 9/11, completely contradicting his earlier statements, on a video tape magically 'discovered' during a random house search in Jalalabad.

The April 2006 Al-Zarqawi tape followed hot on the heels of a previous Bin Laden tape that again astoundingly gave the pretext for the Bush administration to pursue its goals in Sudan, Iraq and Iran with increased worldwide support at a time when Bush's poll numbers sank to a record low of 32 per cent.

Osama just seems to employ perfect timing on every occasion to pop up right when it is most rewarding for the Neo-Cons. The October surprise in 2004, a Bush bashing Bin Laden bonanza tape, enabled George W. to secure the extra couple of points he needed to ensure re-election. Even role-playing Skull and Bones puppet John Kerry went off-script and blamed the Bin Laden video for his defeat. Veteran newsman Walter Cronkite told Larry King that the whole thing was a Karl Rove orchestrated set-up.

Expect more coincidental image boosts - gracefully supplied by Al-Qaeda - over the next few days as Karl Rove and the architects of apocalypse milk the teat of 9/11 until the cows come home.



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