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Handcuffed, Assaulted, Ticketed By Cop For Distributing 9/11 DVD's
Harassment, unconstitutional search, attempted frame-up of Livonia man for truth movement activism

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet Exclusive
Monday, October 15, 2007

A Michigan man was harassed, handcuffed, assaulted, branded "unpatriotic" and subjected to an unconstitutional search of his vehicle during which drugs were allegedly planted, before being ticketed by a police officer for the apparent crime of freely distributing DVD's about 9/11 truth earlier this month.

Josh Grund was driving in his car when he noticed a slowly moving vehicle without its lights on in front of him. The vehicle's light were turned on shortly after Josh passed the car, identifying it as a Livonia "Charger" police cruiser. Josh stopped about 10 seconds later to continue delivering free 9/11 truth DVD's to homes along his route before the police officer began to question him.

The officer asked Grund who the owner of the house he had stopped at was, to which Grund responded that he didn't know, upon which the officer told him that he needed a permit to hand out free DVD's and ordered him to return to his vehicle.

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 The officer then ran Josh's license plate and ordered him to again step out of his vehicle. As soon as Grund exited the vehicle, he was slapped in handcuffs and threatened with arrest.

With increasing anger, the officer slammed Josh against the car and announced that he would search his vehicle before detaining Grund inside the police cruiser.

Shortly after proceeding with the unconstitutional search, the cop returned with a small bag of marijuana that Grund claims was planted. Grund noted later that his other belongings had hardly been moved during the search.

The police officer defined Grund's crime as "pasing out 9-11 CD's" on his citation ticket.

The officer continued to voice more threats asking Josh why he shouldn't be taken jail before interrogating him about the information contained on the DVD's he had been freely distributing. Despite Grund's best efforts to explain, the cop dismissed him as "unpatriotic," "unfit for the military" and "too young to have an opinion."

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Josh was eventually allowed to leave but not before being cited for a misdemeanor and given a ticket. The comments section of the ticket reads "passing out 9-11 CD's," which is supposedly now a crime in police state America. Grund's court date is to be set within the next few weeks.

Grund is not the first to be harassed and abused by police for handing out free information.

In 2004, Kelly Rushing was charged with making "terroristic threats" after he handed out Alex Jones' videos and recordings of a Ron Paul speech on C-Span to Lyon County, Kentucky officials and Kentucky State Trooper Lewis Dobbs.

A jury later ruled in favor of Rushing but he continues to be harassed by authorities and local law enforcement.

***Top image is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent vehicle involved in the events described in the article.



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