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FBI Thought Bombs Brought Down Towers On 9/11
Working premise that truck bombs aided WTC collapse dovetails with arrest reports that were later buried

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Monday, October 1, 2007

According to a terror expert interviewed by USA Today on 9/11, the FBI's initial working premise was that trucks packed with explosives aided the collapse of the twin towers, a fact that dovetails with reports of middle easterners being arrested after running away from truck bombs that later exploded that day.

Lauren Ashburn: "Joining me is Jack Kelley, now he is a foreign correspondent - war correspondent - and just came back from Israel. He has some information about these attacks. Jack, what can you tell us happened, first in New York."

Jack Kelly: "Um, apparently what appears to happen was that at the same time 2 planes hit the building, that there ... that the FBI most likely thinks that there was a car or truck packed with explosives underneath the buildings, which also exploded at the same time and brought both of them down."

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Lauren Ashburn: "Now that's the first time were hearing that, so 2 planes and explosives that were in the building, is that correct?"

Jack Kelley: "That is the working theory at this point, that is still unconfirmed but that is what the FBI is going on at this point."

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In 2004, Jack Kelley was fired after it emerged that he had fabricated sources for his stories as a foreign correspondent, so on the face of it his credibility is in question.

However, MSNBC's Rick Sanchez also reported that officials strongly believed a van packed with explosives parked underneath the towers had contributed to their collapse.

"Police have found what they believe to be a suspicious device and they fear that it may lead to another explosion," stated Sanchez live on air.

"I spoke with some police officials moments ago, Chris, and they told me they have reason to believe that one of the explosion at the besides the ones made with the planes, may have been caused by a van that was parked on the building that may have had an explosive device in it.”

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Multiple reports of truck bombs were made on 9/11 yet none of them were seriously considered during the 9/11 Commission investigation.

Suspects were even arrested after they ran away from a truck that had a painting of a plane crashing into New York on its side. According to police radio dispatches, the truck later exploded around the area of King Street.

Another truck bomb around the Holland Tunnel area was reported on NYPD radio, while even Dan Rather reported on the truck bomb, as well as suspects, that were discovered on the George Washington Bridge.

Five Israeli men were also arrested after they were seen celebrating the attacks as they unfolded while filming the destruction. Witnesses saw them jumping for joy in Liberty State Park after the initial impact. Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating on a roof in Weehawken, and still more witnesses later saw them celebrating with high fives in a Jersey City parking lot.

Jewish news outlets confirmed that the men were Mossad agents and even after police discovered maps, box cutters and foreign passports, the suspects were quietly released.

Whether or not the men were part of apparent teams of middle eastern suspects roaming around New York City with truck bombs on September 11 is one of the enduring mysteries of 9/11 and another flagrant reason why a new independent investigation is necessary.



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