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Vote Neo-Fascist Or The Islamo-Fascists Will Kill You
Are these really the stakes or does this crap just not work anymore?

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 23 2006

A new GOP ad threatens Americans with nuclear annihilation and terrorist attacks unless they vote Republican on November 7. The Bush junta hopes the public will buy the phony choice and opt for Neo-Fascism over Islamo-Fascism - but all indicators show this brutish propaganda simply doesn't work anymore.

"The Stakes" invokes memories of a 1964 ad run by Lyndon Johnson in his race against conservative Barry Goldwater where a little girl is portrayed picking a daisy before a nuclear bomb detonates overhead. "The stakes are too high for you to stay home," warned the ominous voiceover. Similarly in the GOP ad, prophecies of imminent armageddon on behalf of Osama and the rest of the CIArabs are flashed up, with lingering emphasis on the words "suitcase bombs," "kill the Americans," "inside America," and "what is yet to come will be even greater," as a ticking time bomb soundtrack is replaced by a thumping heartbeat and finally an explosion.

As Kurt Nimmo points out, "It stinks of desperation: as the midterm elections close in, the RNC has released a fire and brimstone ad, depicting an all too familiar cast of characters—the dead Osama, the banal doctor Ayman al-Zawahiri, and a congregation of ninja-clad terrorists training in comical jujitsu."

The cost of making and disseminating the ad to just two cable channels over one weekend was a modest $20,000 - a pittance compared to usual campaign budgets. The ad is obviously a trial balloon to gage the public's "terror fatigue" and if they still buy the Osama's gonna get you scam, but the sheepish way it was quietly rolled out and is now all but buried on the GOP website itself suggests the Neo-Fascists will have to pull something extra special out of the bag for the promised October surprise.

Judging by the media reaction, this kind of outright fearmongering looks completely dated and even the Neo-Con media aren't swallowing it. Murdoch's New York Post were decidedly unsympathetic, associating it with discredited "inflammatory" advertising and giving the last word to the Democratic National Committee who slammed it as "shameful" and a "fear and smear" tactic.

The Tennessean labeled the ad as an act of desperation and unfavorably compared it both to the LBJ stunt and a "Willie Horton ad blaming Michael Dukakis for a robbery and rape committed by a prisoner he helped release. Both ads did a number on their intended targets: Barry Goldwater and Dukakis, both honorable public servants who deserved better treatment."

The paper also makes another excellent point that it was the White House who admonished TV networks five years ago for relaying propaganda when they broadcast Osama Bin Laden videos and more recently Donald Rumsfeld accused the press of being a PR arm of Al-Qaeda. When anyone apart from the Bush administration runs Bin Laden tapes its "propaganda" but when they do it it's acceptable political discourse.

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"The stakes" are also seemingly subject to change on the whim of how the Bush junta wants to be perceived as terrorist fighters right before an election even as it distances itself from non-state threats when attempting to justify the latest imperial adventure at all other times.

If "the stakes" all boil down to stopping Osama Bin Laden's plan to launch suitcase nuke attacks on America then why did Bush tell a March 2002 news conference that he was "not that concerned about him"?

The truth is that these kind of lowest common denominator terror tirades only work on two groups of people, the messianic semi-retarded Bush worshippers (who would still vote Republican if W's whole cabinet shapeshifted into reptoids from the planet Zargoid and announced they were going to destroy the sun), and the elderly, who are ostracized from the Internet and thus have no means of recourse for decoding the propaganda, and who have a naive view that government can do no wrong.

Karl Rove seems to have settled for the scenario that as long as he can mobilize these two signifcantly sized voting blocks he can at least get the Republicans close to the Democrats and then turn over the rest of the job to CIA-run electronic voting machines. But with only one third of the country in favor of remaining in Iraq and just 16% who still trust the official story behind 9/11, a late October/early November rabbit out of the hat may still be needed just to ensure a close second before the funny business really starts to play out.

In a twisted way the GOP ad is telling the truth - if we don't act then "the stakes" really couldn't be higher and failure on our part to expose the real 9/11 masterminds would leave the door open for more false-flag terror attacks on US soil. But would that danger, and the open slide towards dictatorship, necessarily recede with a Democratic controlled House and Senate?

Have the Neo-Cons already made back-room deals with top Democratic operatives that would allow them to slither back under their rocks and avoid criminal proceedings for the illegal invasion of Iraq and 9/11 complicity? Establishment shill and potential future Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told CBS' 60 minutes this weekend that there would be no investigation into Iraq and no impeachment of George W. Bush.



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