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Media Terrorizes Public With Phony Messageboard Stadium Threat
Fox News shoves demented ramblings of Internet loser down viewers throats eight times in one hour period, CNN got ball rolling on "Osama bin nutcase on a messageboard"

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 19 2006

An obscure Internet messageboard posting featured on an obscene joke website that warned of weekend dirty bomb attacks on major NFL football stadiums nationwide was hyped by a media response that artificially loaded the empty threat with importance, terrorizing the American people in the latest onslaught of the politics of fear.

The seriousness of the "threat" can perhaps best be judged by the nature of its source, a website which is euphemistically called "The Friend Society" in media reports yet its main URL is http://thefucksociety.com/ - though the site is now offline a Google cache suggests it's some kind of depraved Internet backwater, offering "extreme animations" including one labeled, "Lets poke and irritate dangerous animals OH GOD I AM IN HEAVEN," along with other crass humor and pornographic material.

The sicko that drooled over his keyboard typing demented ramblings about dirty bombs and football stadiums in the hope of getting the attention that his twisted existence obviously craves must be delighted that those bastions of serious and sound journalism - the mainstream media - have propelled his doomsday rant into a major national news item.

So much so that your tax dollars paid for the FBI to find and question this loser, now identified as a "young adult from Milwaukee," confirming the threat as phony.

Fox News wasted no time in feverishly hyping the "threat" as clear evidence of an imminent plot to attack football stadiums across the country, mentioning it no less than eight times in one hour of programming, even after Homeland Security had publicly dismissed it.

Neil Cavuto, who also spun Cory Lidle's plane accident as election fodder because it reminded Americans of 9/11, afforded the Internet rumor maximum coverage, going out and coming back in from breaks with the news that "seven National Football League stadiums will be attacked with radiological dirty bombs this weekend in, among other cities, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston," as images of stadiums were flashed up beside him.

It's reasonable to argue that the credibility of government terror alerts has been so diminished over the last two years, largely because every single one has turned out to be overblown, provocateured, or outright made up, that government ambiguity on this one leaves a residue of mystique that could leave it bubbling under the surface until November 7 - in alliance with a series of inevitable subsequent hyped threats.

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In the United States of Hysteria, any piece of idle gossip or doom-laden prophecy is immediately exalted to heights even its originators could never imagine. This can only happen as a result of a focused media-driven agenda to terrorize the American people. At its heart these threats are the very essence of terrorism - giving importance to otherwise nonsense intimidation tactics that force American citizens to change their very way of life.

Neo-Con e-rags World Net Daily, Newsmax, Front Page Magazine and others routinely hype and embellish the nutcase frothings of random screwballs as evidence of impending apocalypse on a weekly basis - yet we get called the conspiracy theorists for daring to suggest that terror alerts are being thrown around like confetti to ramp up the politics of fear.

A wild-eyed crystal ball prophecy that Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would initiate world war three or armageddon on August 22nd, a proclamation trumpeted by Neo-Cons far and wide subsequently deflated - again leaving the war lobbyist cheerleaders red faced, egg-faced, and obliterating any shred of remaining credibility they had.

Glenn Beck, ex-Marxist turned Neo-Con David Horowitz, Matt Drudge and even the Wall Street Journal lavished themselves in the paranoia like pigs in shit and at one point as August 22 ran its course, Drudge even tried to insinuate that an accident involving a Russian airliner was somehow part of the conspiracy.

Similarly, an alleged plot to attack Chicago's Sears Tower in June - again opulently inflated by the media - involving a plan to "wage full ground war against the United States" - eventually traced back to a gaggle of retards, the ringleader of which was described by his own mother as mentally deficient. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show characterized the deadly terror cell as "seven dipshits in a warehouse."

It's not just the Neo-Con establishment press whores responsible for the fearmongering because by all accounts it was CNN that got the ball rolling on "Osama bin crank on a Messageboard" late yesterday afternoon.

If you called in fake bomb threats to your local theatre, school or sports stadium, chances are the wiretap recording of your phone call and location would immediately be zipped off to the FBI and you'd be in an interrogation cell quicker than you can say "enemy combatant."

Yet it is the government and in this case the media that give weight to otherwise absurd assumptions that any of these so-called threats are nothing more than the product of dark imagination and phantom prophecy.

If the FBI choose to proceed using the UK model then messageboard boy will be charged as an Al-Qaeda member forthwith. The British press salivated over a "terror plot admission" in which a disturbed individual scribbled in his notebook that he wanted to attack Wall Street and underground car parks with "limousine bombs." Not that it mattered that this individual had no money, no limousines and no bombs - he was charged as a terrorist and it was shat out by the government and media as another glorious victory in the war on terror - and another reason to restrict that nasty little inconvenience known as freedom of speech.

Expect a slurry more of hoax terror alerts, dodgy Al-Qaeda Republican campaign tapes, and provocateured patsies as we approach November 7th.



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