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O'Reilly Equates 9/11 Scholars With Terrorists
Threatens Truth Professors With FBI Investigation

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | October 14 2006

During Professor Jim Fetzer's appearance on The O'Reilly Factor Thursday night, O'Reilly equated the 9/11 Scholars with terrorists and threw his weight behind a move to have them being investigated by the FBI, in a similar vein to a previous case in which his false charges led to the arrest of another professor and charges of supporting terrorism which were later dismissed.

"I'd put the FBI on you and that nutty Barrett and find out what the hell you guys are up to," salivates O'Reilly, making reference to Sammy Al-Arian, a former professor at USF who was charged and later acquitted of helping to lead a Palestinian terrorist group that carried out suicide bombings against Israel.

During a September 2001 interview before his arrest, O'Reilly told Al-Arian, "if I was the CIA, I'd follow you wherever you went. I'd follow you 24 hours."

As Kurt Nimmo writes, "Bill O'Reilly essentially had Dr. Sami al-Arian, an associate professor of computer engineering at the University of South Florida, not only bounced from his job but also arrested and indicted by the Justice Department on racketeering and terrorist charges due to his alleged association with Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Ashcroft went as far as to characterize al-Arian as "the North American leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad."

In that context O'Reilly is equating 9/11 Scholars with terrorists and throwing his weight behind a move to have them arrested, detained and charged as enemy combatants.

"O'Reilly quite literally advocated the government having the FBI track Fetzer down to find out "what you guys are up to" - Bill O'Reilly quite clearly proved tonight that he is in fact a fascist," writes 9/11 Blogger.

O'Reilly isn't alone in his desire to see people who question 9/11 targeted as supporters of terrorists. The White House's own strategy document for "winning the war on terror," cited by Bush in a recent speech, identifies conspiracy theorists as terrorist recruiters.

The rest of the alleged "interview," in which Fetzer was barely able to get in a sentence in response to O'Reilly's childish name-calling, O'Reilly paraded the usual straw man arguments to try and debunk questions about 9/11.

O'Reilly makes the point that if the evidence for an inside job is so strong then why hasn't it been carried on the front pages of newspapers that "hate Bush," like the New York Times. This is the same newspaper that unquestionably carried the phony Iraq WMD yellow cake claims that gave Bush the mandate for war and also splashed fake letters attributed to Musab Al-Zarqawi that were intentionally manufactured by the Pentagon for propaganda purposes.

O'Reilly sells the fallacy of the "liberal media," when that same hierarchy has greased the skids for every key Bush policy or cover-up since his inauguration.

In addition, O'Reilly's assertion that the media will not report up on the 9/11 truth movement because it lacks any credibility is trashed by the fact that countless mainstream outlets have covered the claims of 9/11 researchers for years and obsesively so in recent months.

"You're like the guys that think space aliens kidnapped Elvis," bleats O'Reilly, ever willing to throw out vacuous insults and cuss words yet when the issue of Building 7 is raised O'Reilly has nothing in response bar a wave of the hand.

In a clip from the previous night, O'Reilly is seen to attack a young student and berates another 9/11 Truther, Professor Kevin Barrett, for not having the facts to back up his beliefs - yet doesn't even mention what those facts are purported to be.

It seems that O'Reilly should be the one checking his facts as the young student sets him right on several lies concerning the nature of the course Barrett teaches, including the false assertion that students have to buy Barrett's book to join the course.

O'Reilly now seems hell-bent on getting Barrett and Fetzer suspended or fired using the same intimidation tactics that saw Professor Steven Jones suspended from teaching at BYU - after a World Net Daily hit piece in which it was salaciously and fraudulently alleged that Jones threatened violent overthrow of the U.S. government - a completely made-up piece of libel that the website had to later retract.

O'Reilly's bully tactics are nothing new. Back in March he warned that disagreeing callers to his radio show would receive a visit from Fox security.

"Fox security then will contact your local authorities, and you will be held accountable," barked O'Reilly.

While O'Reilly claims that the dirty words of those who dare to speak the truth, even amidst the Brownshirt society he is trying to create, should be met by a harsh response by the authorities, it was his potty mouth that was hit by a sexual harassment lawsuit two years ago when a female Fox News producer was subjected to his perverted rants about vibrators, threesomes, and masturbation.

Click here for Alex Jones' audio commentary on O'Reilly's demented spin.



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