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Fox News Spins Plane Accident; Says It Could Affect Election
Hysterical reactions invoke 9/11 as baseball star confirmed as pilot, passport found on street

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 11 2006

The hysterical media circus that grew in the hours following an accident in which a baseball star who wasn't properly qualified flew a small plane into a Manhattan apartment block was crystallized by Fox News' Neil Cavuto - who bizarrely put the pilot error of the Yankees' Cory Lidle into the context of how it would affect the upcoming mid-term elections.

The FBI and Homeland Security are now labeling a small aircraft hitting an apartment building on Manhattan's Upper East Side at 72nd Street and York Avenue, as an accident.

On Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto, Cavuto suggested during a conversation with Republican Congressman Peter King that the event would possibly affect the upcoming mid-term election by reminding Americans of the horror of 9/11.

It has now been reported that the pilot of the plane was New York Yankees baseball star Cory Lidle. The fact that the accident involves a celebrity means the networks can justifiably talk about it for another three weeks and in that sense - invoking memories of 9/11 - it could impact the election.

The event also knocks stories about Mark Foley and Washington pedophile and prostitution rings off the top off the news cycle.

A Cirrus SR20-GTS airplane is shown in this undated publicity photograph obtained from the plane's manufacturer CirrusDesign on October 11, 2006. A plane similar to the one shown, owned by New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle, is believed to have been the small plane that crashed into a Upper East Side apartment building in New York according to local media reports.

Reports that Lidle's passport was found on the street is also being seen as suspicious by some 9/11 truthers - because it would seemingly prop up the inconceivable notion that Mohammed Atta and other hijacker's passports survived and were discovered. However, in the case of Lidle this could easily be explained by eyewitness reports that most of the plane debris did not enter the building and ended up on the street below. This is how investigators have already been able to identify the plane in just the short time after the crash.

Early reports that the crash involved a helicopter have now been dismissed. The FBI have confirmed two people are dead but say there is no "indication of terrorism."

"The initial indication is that there is a terrible accident," said Department of Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke.

Obviously one of the following explanations will be offered as to what happened - either Lidle was hopped up on a cocktail of drugs, was drunk, wanted to commit suicide, wanted to impress his friends, or the foggy conditions simply contributed to pilot error.

NBC reports that Lidle was "not instrument rated to fly the plane and could only fly when visibility was good."

News networks reported that President Bush immediately ordered NORAD to defend the city of New York and other major cities. Whatever the nature of this incident, Bush is getting an opportunity to grandstand - and his Neo-Con mouthpieces at Fox News are rolling around in the hysteria like pigs in shit.

Networks also reported that the plane flew on the edge of a restricted airspace zone and thus was not flagged for interception.

The fevered reaction to this apparent accident painfully remains us of the hysteria that America remains entranced by five years and one month after 9/11.

Previous examples where small planes have deliberately been flown into buildings have been played down by the U.S. government - including a Clinton-era incident where a Cessna was flown into the White House.

Will the apartment building collapse in its own footprint like the twin towers?

BBC News reported that people who lived next to the building were panicking that it might collapse (from fire that was only seen emerging from four floors and is now out). That in itself is an example of how the legacy of hysteria from 9/11 has replaced any notion of common sense.



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