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Ron Paul's growing poll numbers vex mainstream press

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Monday November 26, 2007

Practically written off as an incendiary, racist and even plain old kook by prominent reporters for organizations like the AP, FOX and CNN, GOP hopeful Ron Paul keeps going and going; his supporters are seemingly impervious to the barbs that paint them as disenfranchised and off the grid malcontents.

The AP recently wrote: "The Texas libertarian's rise in the polls and in fundraising proves that a small but passionate number of Americans can be drawn to an advocate of unorthodox proposals."

GOP pollster Frank Luntz denounced Paul's supporters as "the equivalent of crabgrass . . . not the grass you want, and it spreads faster than the real stuff."

Conservative columnist Mona Charen said: "He might make a dandy new leader for the Branch Davidians."

Dr. Paul is a former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, he has called for abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, the CIA and several Cabinet-level agencies.

Dr. Paul is a staunch opponent of abortion, he nonetheless believes that federal bans violate the basic principle of delegating powers to the states.

Dr. Paul is in favor of increased immigration enforcement and a border wall with Mexico and he is the only GOP candidate to come out against any form of national I.D. card.

Dr. Paul's demands for a constitutionally pared-down government has won an interesting array of supporters, including singer-songwriters John Mayer and Barry Manilow.

On ABC's "This Week" George Will cautioned fellow pundits, "Don't forget my man Ron Paul" in the New Hampshire primary. Jake Tapper added: "He really is the one true straight talker in this race."

Dr. Paul's campaign, which is three-quarters of the way to its goal of raising "$12 Million to Win" by Dec. 31, had an outside party organize the fundraising efforts.

All of these facts are unsettling to mainstream organizations and lobby members of special interests who would fall under a Paul presidency. The authoritarian establishment feels threatened according to some observers.

Not since Ross Perot made a go of running as an Independent, have so many Americans from such disparate backgrounds joined forces to defeat politics as usual.

Paul's entire platform is based on the fundamental notion that a smaller government allows individuals the freedom to pursue happiness as they see fit.

Reason.com editors Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch were published in the Washington-Post and write that "in the 1990s, conservative Republicans rose to power by relentlessly attacking Big Government. Yet the minute they took control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, they kicked out the jams on even a semblance of fiscal responsibility, signing off on the Medicare prescription drug benefit and building literal and figurative bridges to nowhere. From 2001 to 2008, federal outlays will have grown by an estimated 29 percent in inflation-adjusted terms, according to the Office of Management and Budget."

The reporters suggest that the hatred Americans feel over the costly and poorly planned and executed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan only fuels Dr. Paul's "engine powering his grass-roots success" - illuminating even the democrats are hopeless at halting the war machine built up by the Bush administration..

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