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Ron Paul's "Fringe Views" Are Supported By The Majority of Americans
Latest smear attempt from whiny academic riddled with errors and lies

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The ad hominem slur with which political science major Stuart Baimel entitles his recent Stanford Daily hit piece, Ron Paul is insane, and the cacophony of errors which subsequently dominate the essay, just goes to show how much academia is rigged towards grooming compliant plebs for the establishment and not really about educating anyone.

"After reading about Ron Paul’s record-breaking fundraising day a couple of weeks ago, then seeing it touted in a recent Daily op-ed, I was concerned. Paul and his views lie on the fringe; it’s never a good sign for social stability when fringe candidates get so much support," whines Baimel.

Ron Paul's views lie on the fringe? Absolute bullshit. It seems that Baimel has unfortunately thrown thousands of dollars at a political science degree in vain - and I - the University dropout - am going to have to give him a proper education.

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Ron Paul's central "fringe view" as Baimel would have it, is his anti-war stance. The Texas Congressman is the only Republican candidate to advocate an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, indeed, he is the only truly anti-war candidate of the frontrunners from either party.

Is being anti-war a fringe view in late 2007? Let's take a look at the polls.

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll

"In general, do you approve or disapprove of the job that George W. Bush is doing in handling the situation in Iraq?"

Disapprove - 68%
Approve - 28%
Not Sure - 5%

"When it comes to the war in Iraq, which of the following statements comes closer to your point of view? The most responsible thing we can do is find a way to withdraw most of our troops from Iraq by the beginning of 2009. The most responsible thing we can do is to remain in Iraq until the situation in the country is stable."

Withdraw most troops by 2009 - 55%
Remain until country stable - 40%
Unsure - 5%

ABC News/Washington Post Poll Nov. 1-5, 2007

"All in all, considering the costs to the United States versus the benefits to the United States, do you think the war with Iraq was worth fighting, or not?"

Not worth it - 63%
Worth it - 35%
Unsure - 2%

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International Oct. 17-23, 2007

"Do you think the U.S. should keep military troops in Iraq until the situation has stabilized, or do you think the U.S. should bring its troops home as soon as possible?"

Bring home as soon as possible - 54%
Keep in Iraq until stabilized - 42%
Unsure - 4%

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll. Oct. 12-14

"Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq?"

Oppose - 64%
Favor - 34%
Unsure - 2%

ABC News/Washington Post Poll. Sept. 27-30, 2007

"Do you think the United States should keep its military forces in Iraq until civil order is restored there, even if that means continued U.S. military casualties; OR, do you think the United States should withdraw its military forces from Iraq in order to avoid further U.S. military casualties, even if that means civil order is not restored there?"

Withdraw forces - 54%
Keep forces - 43%
Unsure - 3%

Ron Paul is the only frontrunner from either party that has advocated an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Is this a fringe view? No - it's the majority view in America today, as every single poll attests to, yet Baimel's major in political science seemingly doesn't teach him how to do a Google search.

The rest of Baimel's piece is riddled with gross inaccuracies. He attacks Kucinich for supporting the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, another "fringe" sentiment according to Baimel.

Wrong again.

A new poll out today from American Research Group finds that 55% of voters believe that George W. Bush has abused his powers in a way that rises to the level of impeachable offenses. 52% of voters believe that the same is true of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Last time I checked, 55% was a majority, not a fringe viewpoint.

Another one vote per IP MSNBC online poll shows 89% support impeachment.

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Baimel smirks that Ron Paul is "Content to let genocide, wars of aggression, and human rights violations occur abroad with nothing more than a “moral statement” from the U.S.," intimating that the Neo-Con's butchering of Iraq, which has killed conservatively 655,000 Iraqis since the 2003 invasion and a further 1 million at least as a result of bombings and sanctions since 1990, was somehow a benevolent cause.

Does over 1.5 million dead Iraqis, around half of them children, as a result of U.S. foreign policy qualify as genocide, Mr. Baimel?

Presumably, Baimel entitled his piece "Ron Paul is insane" in an attempt to get a reaction - knowing that the statement itself is manifestly incorrect and is merely an inflammatory gimmick to attract attention and make himself feel important. Well mission accomplished, Stuart, because you're going to be on the receiving end of a fair few opinions over the next few days.

Feel free to politely e mail Baimel with the truth about Ron Paul's "fringe" views, and maybe it won't be too late to give Stuart a real education after all.



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