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CBS Labels Ron Paul a "Meaningless Fruitcake" With "No Chance" Of Winning
Kevin Drum channels South Park's Officer Barbrady: "Nothing to see here folks. Move along..."

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Despite a general begrudging acceptance amongst a large swathe of the corporate media that Ron Paul is a real contender for the Republican nomination following the hugely successful November 5th "money bomb" campaign, a CBS News op-ed piece today labels the Texas Congressman a "meaningless" "fruitcake" with "no chance" of winning.

The article is entitled Ron Paul, Fruitcake and its writer, Kevin Drum, attempts to make the point that anyone who even expresses an interest in the Congressman's campaign is a "political infant" who needs to "grow up".

In reality, it's Drum who needs to grow up - his four paragraph whine reads like the literary equivalent of a baby throwing its toys out of a playpen.

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"Ron Paul raised a buttload of money yesterday. This doesn't really change anything, and everyone knows it, but I guess it's something to write about. So people are writing about it," seethes Drum.

"But look: can we stop pretending to be political infants, even if we happen to be bored this week? It's cheap and easy to take extreme, uncompromising positions when you have no actual chance of ever putting them into practice, so Paul's extreme, uncompromising positions really don't mean a thing. They don't reflect either well or badly on him," writes Drum.

"They're meaningless, and I wish grown adults who know better would stop pretending otherwise."

"Seriously, folks. Can we all please grow up?" he concludes.

The words of Officer Barbrady from South Park come to mind - "Nothing to see here folks. Move along..."

On what foundation does Drum claim that Congressman Paul's campaign is irrelevant? His growth curve and fundraising is outstripping any other candidate from either party and bookmakers are slashing his odds of winning the Republican nomination left, right and center.

Granted, the average geriatric Giuliani supporter cited in telephone surveys is going to keep Paul's poll digits low, but the fact that he routinely trounces the opposition in TV and Internet polls and has been widely lauded for shaking up the debates is hardly "meaningless" as Drum claims.

What's really happening here is that, whether wittingly or unwittingly, the establishment minions are terrified that their perch on the peanut gallery can be so forcefully undermined by a grass roots rebellion against the stranglehold of the elite - who carefully screen presidential candidates year after year - ensuring only establishment lackeys ever have a chance of winning.

What the Ron Paul Revolution has created is bigger than whether or not Ron Paul will win the nomination in 2008.

This is about setting a benchmark and getting a foothold in an otherwise stage-managed and contrived electoral process, and having a candidate of the people front and center who the corporate media cannot possibly ignore.

In that sense, the Ron Paul phenomenon is far from "meaningless" and Kevin Drum is the one who needs to "grow up", for his political infancy betrays a complete ignorance of what is taking place.

In addition, if Ron Paul is so "meaningless" then why is Drum, along with an army of other establishment media stooges and Neo-Con cult members, wasting his time in attacking the Congressman?

In the words of William Shakespeare, Methinks this CBS hack doth protest too much.

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