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"War Criminal" Ex-MI6 Head Dearlove Confronted At Event
Man who admitted "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" of invading Iraq grilled on 7/7, Bilderberg membership, forced to leave after being called proxy mass murderer

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Thursday, November 1, 2007


Author of the infamous Downing Street Memo and ex-MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove was confronted and branded a "war criminal" by audience members who attended his talk at the London School of Economics last night, before being hounded out of the building - but subsequent media coverage of the event completely failed to mention the controversy.

Ironically, during a lecture in which Dearlove pushed the notion of how the media should acquiesce to government demands in reporting aspects of sensitive stories, in their write-up of the talk, the BBC omitted any details of how Dearlove was intensively questioned and eventually forced to leave by members of We Are Change UK.

The discussion, entitled Can We Trust Journalists With Public Security?, was merely a platform for Dearlove to spew propaganda about non-existent weapons of mass destruction and how the public and the media need to fall in line and mute their dissent about the so-called "war on terror."

A topic certainly not on Dearlove's agenda was the fact that he authored the leaked Downing Street Memo, written nine months before hostilities began, in in which he admits that “the facts and intelligence” about WMD were being “fixed round the policy” of a pre-planned invasion of Iraq.

But the evening turned into a spectacle after Dearlove came under rapid fire questioning about his membership of the Bilderberg Group, the alleged 7/7 mastermind's status as an MI6 agent, and MI6's deliberate counter-terrorism failures.

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Dearlove refuses to answer any of the questions before struggling to explain away Bilderberg as "Erm, it's a, it's a conference, it's a gathering at which people discuss issues - rather like this."

The fact that Bilderberg is in reality a secret gathering of the global elite, completely closed to the public and the mass media, which is secured by armed guards and secret service personnel, at which a consensus for global policy is agreed upon, seems to contradict Dearlove's terse rebuttal.

After the speaking engagement, We Are Change UK members and former MI5 officer Annie Machon tried in vain to get Dearlove to answer their questions, before branding him a "liar," a "war criminal" and stating that he had the blood of over 600,000 dead Iraqis on his hands and was a "proxy mass murderer."

Dearlove was forced to scuttle out and leave the building as his lackeys tried to block the camera. "You dress it up however you want, it's a lie sir," shouts one We Are Change UK member as Dearlove exits.

"You will hang from the gallows," calls out another, "The people will not stand for it."

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