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Putin "Set-Up" Theory Not Reflected By Media Coverage Of Litvinenko's Death
Apartment bombings, Politkovskaya assassination and 9/11 gargantuan reasons for former KGB thug to have poisoned ex-spy

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Friday, November 24, 2006

If Alexander Litvinenko's poisoning is, as we are led to believe by a small cadre of prominent Internet bloggers and their cheerleaders, some kind of elaborate set-up on behalf of Zionists and Neo-Cons to drag Putin's name through the mud, then why do today's major Israeli newspapers carry scant mention of the former spy's death?

Apologists for Putin have attempted to weave a yarn that somehow suggests Litvinenko was knowingly poisoned by Zionist or Neo-Con agents in order to make it appear as if Putin was the culprit.

If this was the case then we'd expect to see the biggest Neo-Con and Zionist media fronts in Israel, the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz, to be wallowing in coverage of the former spy's death in a London hospital last night.

Yet both the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz chose to bury the story near the bottom of their websites, even as it was the top story at Reuters and BBC News.

The Jerusalem Post deemed a feature story about a children's nursery to be of more importance than Litvinenko's death.

Any mention of Litvinenko was also nowhere to be seen amongst Haaretz's main headlines.

If the Zionists and Neo-Cons were so eager to smear Putin for Litvinenko's death then why was the report of his death barely mentioned on the top Israeli newspaper websites?

The motivation for former KGB thug Putin having ordered the assassination of Litvinenko is plainly obvious. Litvinenko was at the forefront of exposing government sponsored terror surrounding the apartment bombings of 1999, which were carried out at the behest of Putin by FSB agents who were physically caught planting the hexogen explosives but were later allowed to escape.

In addition, Litvinenko claimed that he was about to come into possession of documents proving that Putin had ordered the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist who was gunned down before she was about to publish a powerful story about Moscow sponsored torture and abductions in Chechnya.

Litvinenko also fingered Putin for having advance foreknowledge of 9/11, a charge afforded credibility by the fact that shortly before the infamous day, Russian officials "encouraged citizens to cash out U.S. dollars pending an economic collapse there after an "attack."

In addition, one of Putin's inner circle advisors, Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, warned of an impending attack that would be carried out by "a group of extremely powerful private persons, with total assets of about $300 trillion," in order to "legalize its power and to become the new world government."

Koryagina could have been referring to no one else but the Neo-Con power bloc that executed 9/11 to launch its pre-planned agenda. So logic follows that if Putin is somehow in opposition to this group, he would have either blown the whistle beforehand or publicly questioned the nature of the attacks afterwards in the manner of Hugo Chavez. Neither happened and Putin ran cover for the perpetrators of 9/11.

The theory that Putin is a knight in shining armor crusading against the Neo-Cons, the Bush administration and the forces attempting to bring about world government simply isn't supported by any factual evidence.

Despite his criminal rise to power, his KGB past and such systematic dismantling of Russian democracy by Putin, he and George Bush are "best friends". After meeting in 2001, Bush declared that he had peered into his soul and liked what he saw there.

The friendship continued as Putin urged US voters to re-instate Bush in 2004.

The reason Putin, a man who finds rape admirable and joked about it with Israeli President Moshe Katsav, likes Bush so much is that he can get away with whatever he wants without worry of recrimination. As prominent Russian experts have stated, there is an agreement between the two whereby in return for Russian acquiescence in the war on terror agenda in the middle east, the Bush administration has ignored Putin's undemocratic, freedom restricting takeover of the country and the EU.

The Russian style of "democracy" is the globalists' chosen model for Europe. The EU is being "harmonised" to this system. As Putin declared in 2003 at the EU summit, "Only by acting together can Russia and the enlarging European Union direct the process of the formation of a new world order, common values and interests."

Even what many would label a "Zionist" front, the Daniel Pipes associated Middle East Forum, lauds Putin for his pro-Israeli stance in an article entitled Putin's Pro-Israel Policy.

"Under Putin," writes Mark N. Katz, "Russia has not only declined to adopt Western Europe's increasingly shrill anti-Israel posture, but in many ways he has actually tilted Russian policy in Israel's favor."

Vladimir Putin is very much a devotee of the new world order global government cult and his clear motivation for having ordered the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko is not undercut by baseless theories that Putin is somehow being set-up to take the fall for Zionists and Neo-Cons - with whom he has always enjoyed a cozy and rewarding relationship.

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