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That Draft Just Won't Blow Away
Despite Democratic disinterest, plans are carefully laid for re-introduction of conscription absent one catalyzing event

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Charles Rangel's bill to re-introduce the draft has few supporters but his insistent efforts to keep this issue in the body politic is allied to an underlying framework that provides for a rapid and extensive implementation of conscription, be it on the continent or within the 4th Reich of America in the form of Homeland Security Gestapo squads.

Though influential Democrats like Nancy Pelosi have publicly shot down any chance of the draft returning to America, everything is in place to activate it, absent a nuclear or biological attack on a U.S. city or geopolitical turmoil.

"The Selective Service System, an agency independent of the Defense Department, says it's ready to respond quickly to any crisis that would threaten to overwhelm the current all-volunteer military," reports CNN, noting that the agency would be able to fully implement the draft in under a time period of seven months.

It is widely recognized that a return to the draft is wildly unpopular amongst both young and old alike, so why do people like Rangel and others across the political spectrum insist on its constant re-introduction? Are they simply laying the groundwork for a cataclysmic event that will soon arrive to justify it?

Legitimate fears that a sudden escalation of a crisis involving a North Korean attack on South Korea would lead to a draft are given credence by a military directive known as OPLAN 5027, under the jurisdiction of the ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command, which mandates the dispatch of 690,000 troops to aid South Korea in the event of an attack.

Where are they going to get 690,000 troops from when there are barely enough troops to police Iraq and many are returning on second and third tours of duty?

While many are focused on the characteristics of any future draft involving conscripts being sent to the Middle East or Asia to die for the new world order, it seems eminently more likely that the vast majority of draftees, should such an event come to pass, would be forced to serve under domestic Homeland Security brownshirt style roles.

After 9/11, children's summer camps in Miami and other areas began to shift into acting as recruiting and training compounds for Homeland Security. 11th and 12th graders are now being drilled in methods of how to track down fugitives, run tattle-tale squads and confiscate guns in America.

Billed as one of the nation's first "homeland security training summer camps for teenagers," a program called Secure Corps in Bucks County is drilling 92 young men and women in essential skills for this new, uncertain era," reported the Miami Herald.

"And those skills include math: "If I have 40 acres of forest," runs a typical problem, "how many search dogs will I need to find a fugitive?"

An earlier incarnation of Rangel's draft bill, the Universal National Service Act of 2003, called for the duty of "all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes."

Mandatory domestic service has influential cheerleaders like Clinton's former Secretary of Defense William Cohen. The Republican recently told Fox News, "I think there should be a commitment to universal service. I think that only a few people are really committed to this war against terrorism and called. I think the American people have to be - understand - that we're all in this together. We ought to have a real call to national service to commit ourselves to some form of public service," adding that it is necessary to put the country on a "war footing."

Substantial planks of the Homeland Security domestic spying corp are already in place. Highway Watch, which has been funded by Homeland Security since 2002, now boasts tens of thousands of members. The program trains truck drivers to be suspicious of everything, where all unusual activity is potentially terrorism, including vehicles with tarps over the rear, people with backpacks, and couples who have an argument.

Port Watch, River Watch and Transit Watch are similar programs bankrolled by Homeland Security that train American citizens to spy on each other in the name of the war on terror.

TIPS, the domestic spying program which was supposedly nixed by Congress, would have recruited one in twenty-four Americans as domestic informants, a higher percentage than was used by the Stasi in East Germany. Government funding was temporarily cut until the heat was off but private funding continues and the same program was introduced under a number of sub-divisions including AmeriCorps and SecureCorps.

Whether the constant re-introduction of draft legislation is simply a trial balloon or an organized agenda to prepare a draft in response to a future false-flag attack, it needs to be shot down now. We refuse to be herded like cattle into harms way to serve the empire for global domination and we also will not co-operate if there is an attempt to deputize U.S. citizens to police other citizens under the banner of Homeland Security. At least 25% of refusniks will do the same and the state will have to undertake the gargantuan task of rounding us all up for the camps - and that's where the fun really begins.





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