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Voting Expert: Widespread Election Fraud Again
Harris tells Alex Jones Show she has acquired software for big three companies, stories of mass voter intimidation, arrests, machine meltdowns proliferate

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Vote fraud crusader and rights activist Bev Harris has told the nationally syndicated Alex Jones Show that she is in possession of voting software used by the big three voting systems companies and is now in a position to completely expose the true scale of electronic vote fraud, as a cascade of stories about voter intimidation, arrests and machine meltdowns arrived on election day.

"They aren't even being sneaky about it now," said Harris in summarizing the widespread voting machine failures and election fraud that unfolded throughout the day, referring to policies whereby voting precincts have imposed complete blackouts on any indication of their results until the official confirmation from headquarters is given.

Precinct reports are now being treated as illegal and individuals are being charged for even suggesting that precincts keep tally counts of votes so comparison checks can be conducted later.

Harris also related stories of arrests of those merely trying to ensure checks and balances are taking place as voting machines fail nationwide, including an entire county blackout in Indiana.

Harris also discussed dirty tricks in Los Angeles, whereby polling precincts remain closed anything to an hour after they were supposed to open and election workers are putting green lines through ballot papers to denote the location of voting, knowing full well that this invalidates the paper during the subsequent optical scan. Pollsters were caught telling colleagues in hushed tones not to let voters know about this scam.

Widespread reports of scanning machines rejecting ballots are also flooding in, with voters told to "go home" if their ballot is rejected three times by the machine.

Harris featured in the recent blockbuster HBO documentary Hacking Democracy and said that since appearing in the program she has received death threats warning "we are going to get you," and "I hope you die a horrible awful slow death."

She has also been the target of anonymous Internet bloggers who slander voting activists. In one instance further research uncovered the fact that one of these "agent provocateurs" was a Diebold employee.

But Harris remains undeterred and is now in a position to expose the length and breadth of the fraud after acquiring the software programs for the other big three voting systems companies aside from Diebold.

Harris exclusively told the Alex Jones Show, "I have now got a hold of the software of the other three major vendors and won't be releasing it," stating she was in possession of the code used by Election Systems & Software, Sequoia and Hart Intercivics.

"We're going to be able to compare what they give us with very specific information - dates, times, and serial numbers of the machines," said Harris.


Click here to listen to Bev Harris' guest appearance on The Alex Jones Show.





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